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"Dex Smiles At Us All; All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back."

Oh, right there. Whoa. It's Castillo's junkyard, That must feel surreal. "The crime scene," Dex VOs. "My crime scene." As he approaches the trailer where he did his dirty work, he flashes on brief vignettes of him doing the deed. Here's Masuka, smiling pervily as he crosses the police tape. "I shouldn't have killed them both," Dexter VOs, as if he had an option. "I didn't have enough time. A footprint. A microscopic drop of blood. What did I leave behind?" Finally, he reaches the trailer, where Deb is already inside examining yet another body that's...holy shit! That's Valerie Castillo. That means the ITK must have dived to get her. Jesus, that guy is devoted! Anyway, the body is lying on a table, and Deb says, "Nice place-setting, huh? We're running her prints to find out who she is." Dexter hardly hears this, because he's freaking out pretty major. "It had to be him," he VOs. "He's watching me." You think, dude? I thought that was fairly obvious a while ago. Anyway, Dex puts his "mask" back on and approaches the body. "Good, I.D. the victim. You find anything else?" Doakes steps up, immediately annoyed as he tends to be. "That ain't enough?" "Any eyewitnesses?" Dexter asks with him own preservation in mind. "Just do your job," Doakes tells him. After exasperatedly ignoring an incoming call, Doakes continues: "This tin can smells like ass, Morgan. The sooner you get busy, the sooner we can finger who did this." Doakes and Deb take off, leaving Dex to ponder this mess. "He dove 100 feet to bring up the body. He's getting back at me for not killing that security guard." Probably.

Outside, LaGuerta is hoping aloud to Doakes that this isn't the work of the ITK. "I've got the press sniffing outside already." "No, it's not his M.O.," says Doakes. Deb chimes in that the I.D. came back, and that her name is Valerie Castillo, and "her husband Jorge owns the salvage yard." "So try and track him down!" says LaGuerta, already annoyed at Deb's presence. Doakes gets a call on his radio: "Sir, we found something."

Back with the body, Dexter asks Masuka if he's found anything while he videotapes the body with a DV camera. "No bruising. Nothing under her nails...she didn't put up a fight. If she was killed here, which I doubt, whoever did it was a real pro." Dex VOs, "Under normal circumstances, I'd take that as a compliment." Dexter asks about prints, and Masuka says she's clean. "This trailer? That's another matter." Something catches Masuka's eye. "Yo, Dex, I think I found something. Zoom in on this will you?" Dexter: "I'm kind of low on batteries here." Masuka: "Dude, it'll take, like, two seconds. What's up with you today? You're throwing off my chi." Dex: "You're not Chinese." Masuka: "I'm not?" Heh. I love Masuka. He directs Dexter and his camera to a small puncture wound on Castillo's neck, and we all know what that's from. Masuka: "Is that a needle marking?" "More like a bug bite," replies Dexter. "Blemish, maybe." Be a little more obvious, Dex. Masuka gives in: "Yeah, I guess. Let the coroner bag her. I'm hungry." See ya, Masuka.

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