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"Dex Smiles At Us All; All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back."

Hey! It's flashback time! "Deb," says Harry as he cocks a shotgun. "We've been through this." It seems that Deb wants to go hunting with them, because Dexter was her age when he started. "I promise I'll be quiet. You won't even know I'm there." Harry thinks the pheasants will, and goes on to tell her that "the Logans are waiting. Did you pack your swimsuit?" "Yes." "Good girl. I want to see that backflip of yours when we come home." Young Deb, looking dejected goes out to the car. After she's gone, Dexter says, "She does have a point, dad." "What we do on these weekends, your sister can never know about. Keeping the truth from those closest to you is how you'll survive, and how you'll protect them if anything ever goes wrong." Ah, relevance, how I love thee.

Rita is telling the kids to hurry up or they'll be late for school. Astor runs out to put on her backpack, and Rita tells her that her birthday list could be expanded upon. "Balloons don't make much of a list." "It's okay," Astor says. "I don't need that other stuff. It's too expensive." Wow, what a great kid. I never would have said that. Rita tells her that she'll worry about that stuff, and that it's her birthday and she can have whatever she wants. The phone rings, and Rita runs to get it. "Hello?" "Hey, babe." That's not Dexter's voice. "Go wait in the car," says Rita sternly to the kids, who already look concerned. On their way out, Cody asks Astor, "What's wrong with Mom?" "She only gets that way when she's talking to Dad." Yikes. Well, that's just great. As if things weren't complicated enough, now we have to deal with that asshole? Wonderful.

At the station, Deb 'n' Doakes are getting out of the elevator to be greeted by Angel, who has tracked down "Mariel," the name that they found in the holding bay. "She's a Cuban refugee. She's staying with cousins. We brought her in." Doakes wonders why her name and number were scratched on the floor. "Next of kin," says Angel. "In case something happened to her. Guys like Castillo are ruthless." He goes on to explain how "cocksuckers" like him operate, and brings them back to meet with Mariel, who was one of the refugees that Dexter let go. After brief introductions, Angel translates as Doakes interrogates her. It turns out that the last time she saw Castillo was when he was loading them onto his boat. She doesn't know who set them free. Lastly, she mentions that she wants the cops to "make them pay" for treating them all like dogs. "Especially that concha." "Concha?" asks Deb. "Fuck me, the wife was in on it," says Doakes, figuring it out. They ask about the little boy, but Mariel says she never saw him, and the plot thickens.

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