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True Love

Probst tears himself away from Rob and Rob's family to ask Andrea a question. About Rob. "What do you take from how Rob played?" he asks her. Andrea says that Rob's game was indeed "brilliant" and that he would build relationships with his allies individually and make them all feel special and uniquely close to him. Probst asks Andrea how she would play if she got the chance to be on this show again, having now learned from the amazing Rob what to do. Andrea says she would constantly check in with everyone else and never feel comfortable.

That's enough of these other, non-Rob people. Probst asks Rob about Phillip and what he "saw" in Phillip that no one else did. Isn't it obvious? He saw that no one would vote for Phillip in a million years except for an illiterate hairy farmer. Rob is kinder than that, though, saying that Phillip is a "loveable guy" who just wants to be listened to. He was always talking about how he had like 11 siblings, and Rob figured that meant that as a kid, he was constantly fighting for his parents' attention and to be heard. All Rob had to do was give him some of that attention and love he was so desperate for and Phillip would be loyal to him until the end. Wow, way to make Phillip sound like a pathetic child. Rob does admit, though, that Phillip was not always a "picnic" to be around, but while everyone else dug into him and yelled at him for that, Rob always pretended to be on his side. The audience applauds this, like Rob is some kind of hero for propping up the weird asshole in his tribe for purely selfish reasons. Phillip just nods along, so Probst asks him why he seems so "reserved" tonight. Phillip says he's just being "attentive" and "listening." That is not the fun crazy answer Probst was hoping for, so he asks Phillip to tell him what Probst is thinking right now. "What you're thinking right now is 'what is Phillip thinking?'" Phillip says. This gets a laugh, so Probst moves on.

He asks Natalie about her loyalty to Rob and if she ever considered betraying him. Oh my god, surely there's something we can talk to these contestants about besides their relationship with Rob? Or maybe not, since the editing didn't develop any of the contestants except Phillip beyond their interactions with Rob so we don't really know anything else about them. Natalie says that she didn't, since she knew that Rob had that idol and the only time she apparently ever considered defying Rob was that one time when he was sure to play it. Probst asks Natalie how she felt during the Final Tribal Council when everyone was so mean to her, especially Julie. "As a mother yourself, those are pretty tough words to say to a young woman," Probst lectures Julie. You see, he hates Julie because of how she didn't side with Li'l Russell when she had the chance. Natalie says that she's a strong person now and being on the show taught her to take what people say to and about her with a "grain of salt" and move on. Everyone applauds this. Oh, please. Natalie was going to learn that anyway, what with being an adult now and all. You don't need to go on a reality show for that life lesson. You just need to be out of high school for a few years. Probst asks Julie if she regrets being such a bitch to the beautiful innocent young Natalie. Julie says she does now that she's sitting near her on the reunion show. So, basically, no, Julie is not sorry. She's just going to say she is because she's on TV right now. Sure enough, she qualifies her apology by saying that she had to "live through" the frustration of being on a tribe with women who wouldn't align with her. Ashley is clearly annoyed by this and tries to say something, but she already got her only chance to speak so she has to be content with shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Probst doesn't let Natalie speak up, either, saying that the girls clearly did something right in choosing their alliances since they made it further than Julie, who is "back row jury." Ouch, Probst. Also, it's not like he was any nicer to Natalie than Julie was in the game. Remember all those challenges when he was relentlessly mean to her? I don't see him apologizing for all the tough words he said to that young woman.

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