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True Love

Probst then asks Rob about his relationship with Grant and how sad he must have been to have to turn on his good friend like that. He asks Rob if he and Grant have kissed and made up since then. Rob says that he and Grant stayed in touch after the show filmed, but then around the time that the third or fourth episode aired, Grant stopped returning Rob's calls. Hmmm ... interesting. I think that's around the episode that Rob found the idol and took great joy in hiding it from Grant, unnecessarily so. My guess is that when Grant saw that, he realized that Rob played him for a fool for no reason beyond his own entertainment the entire season. Rob turns to Grant, who cut his hair (yay!!!) and is wearing a very strange outfit (red suspenders and an undershirt from the 1800s?), and apologizes if anything he did hurt Grant's feelings, saying it was just part of the game. Probst comments that Grant doesn't seem willing to forgive or have anything to do with Rob. Grant says that even though that was a game, there are times when you have to draw the line and the things you do are a direct reflection of the kind of person you are. "This is a game," apparently, is not going to fly with Grant. Especially if the thing he's really upset about is the stuff that wasn't part of the game. Rob didn't have to run around switching idol clues on Grant and make him look like an idiot. He didn't have to call his allies idiots in his interviews. That wasn't part of the game. He did those things because he wanted to because he's probably not a very nice person.

Probst doesn't want to see Rob upset, so he tries to repair his rift with Grant by asking if perhaps Rob is better at not taking things personally because he's done this before. Rob just says that he didn't want to draw any lines and spend his time on the show worried about whether or not to cross them. "It's a lot easier to say I'm playing a game and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win," he says. But he also claims to understand why Grant feels the way he does because the people you end up screwing over are people you truly do grow close to and form relationships with. Yeah, which is why Grant didn't seem to mind that Rob blindsided him and whatever else he did as part of the game. He voted for him to win and he was friendly with him afterwards. It was only when, it seems, he saw the stuff Rob did that wasn't part of the game that he decided that his life would be better without someone like Rob in it. That's not being bitter so much as it is picking and choosing your friends well. With that, Probst announces that he has an opinion: Rob's game this season was "as close to a perfect game" as he's ever seen on the show. Good for Rob, but it's not much of an accomplishment considering the people he was playing with and how much more practice he had at it than everyone else.

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