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True Love

Back from the break we get a montage of Matt's terrible time on this show and love of God. Matt cut his hair, by the way, and looks great. Probst runs down the records Matt set during his time on the show: most days spent on Redemption Island, most Redemption Island challenges won, and how he's "the first person to be blindsided twice in the same season." Um, no. I believe that would be Burton from Season 7. Apparently we're supposed to forget that Survivor has tried this Redemption Island twist before and it went about as well then as it did this season. Probst asks Matt how bad it was on Redemption Island. Matt says that his lowest point was when he cried all over that interview. Probst says Matt said he wanted to go home, but God wouldn't let him. Matt says God does whatever he wants and we just have to be respectful of that and let it happen. Apparently it's okay with Julie if Matt lives his life that way, but when Natalie took the same approach with Rob, it made her a horrible person and a disgrace to her family. Weird. Matt says that in the end, he was grateful for the "life-changing" experience he had on this show. He did learn some things, though, like that his strategy of "blindly following [his] heart" shouldn't also mean "ignoring logic and reason." Okay, that was pretty funny. Probst asks what Matt did with all that time alone. Matt says he has a "stellar Nicaraguan rock collection." Probst asks what Matt's family and friends thought watching him suffer out there, and Matt says they felt bad for him. Duh. But they also thought it was great that he used the show to talk about God.

Probst asks Andrea if she and Matt have built on the relationship they began on the show. Andrea says that Matt is definitely "cute" and "cool" but she isn't really going to say much more than that. I'd say this means that they totally did it at least once, but I don't think Matt would have sex before marriage. Or maybe he's a hypocrite? For his part, Matt says that they live in different states so there is a distance problem, but they did "have a connection on the island." He's being as coy about it as Andrea, so Probst gets pissy and cuts him off with "and we'll be friends forever. Okay, I got it." Well, at least he tried to talk to the contestants about something besides Rob.

Probst then turns to Mike and shows us a picture of him when he was in the Marines. The audience applauds Mike's military service and Probst asks Mike how Survivor compared to serving in Iraq. Um, IT DOESN'T. Don't even ask that. Mike says that his time on the show somehow "transformed [him] as a human being, as a man, as an American" and "helped [him] understand [his] purpose" and what's he's doing with his life. What the hell? Survivor should not be doing that for you. But I guess he really likes God now, thanks to Matt, and, of course, he really loves America and the troops. But to actually answer Probst's question, he says that being a Marine "does not compare" to being on Survivor, although Survivor is very difficult. You're just not in danger of dying all the time on Survivor. Probst asks Mike if his last challenge loss to Andrea haunts him. Mike says he came in second place basically the entire game, so I guess it was fitting that he went out that way, too.

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