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We get to watch Li'l Russell lose on Redemption Island again coming back from the break, and I do enjoy watching him cry. I'd rather not see him at all, of course, but I knew that wasn't going to be the case tonight. Probst asks Li'l Russell how his fans reacted to seeing him cry like a baby when he had to leave the show after just eight days. Li'l Russell says the game is the hardest thing he's ever done in his life and he gets really emotionally involved, especially after playing it three times. Then he changes the subject to Rob, praising him for playing an "excellent game" and asking if he'll shake his hand at this reunion show, unlike their last one. Rob does, because he just won a million dollars so he doesn't really care whose hand he shakes. Probst reminds us all that the idea to put Rob and Li'l Russell back on the show against each other was born at the Season 20 reunion show, which makes the Season 20 reunion show the worst one ever. Probst comments on how Zapato wanted to be rid of Li'l Russell so much that they deliberately lost a challenge so they could vote him out. Li'l Russell says Probst isn't asking the question that "everybody wants to hear," which is, in his opinion, does Zapato regret throwing that challenge now? He's so certain that the answer will be yes since Zapato fared so poorly afterwards, but I stand by my opinion that they were right to throw that challenge because Li'l Russell would have torn their tribe apart anyway and he and his two ladies would have jumped over to Onomatopoeia as soon as the merge happened if they had the opportunity. Zapato was pretty much screwed no matter what.

But Li'l Russell isn't finished, of course. He points to Steve, who is sitting several seats ahead of him because he did so much better in this game than Li'l Russell did, and says he's twice Li'l Russell's size and had no reason to be scared of him. Steve mutters that he wasn't scared of Li'l Russell; he was "annoyed" by him. Li'l Russell keeps going, saying that all Zapato had to do was "control" him and keep him in line since they had a majority alliance. Yeah, well, maybe they wanted to get rid of him before he peed in their water or burned their clothes or whatever they'd all seen him doing in the past. Li'l Russell says Steve had no right to say that Phillip wasn't a man (did he ever say that? I don't remember that) when Steve deliberately lost a challenge. And then Li'l Russell starts rambling on about bounties on heads and Zapato not possibly being as stupid as they seemed and he's not making much sense, so Probst cuts him off. He accidentally calls him "Phillip" when he does it. Oops! How embarrassing for Phillip to be confused with Li'l Russell like that. "Maybe you two should showdown next!" Prost says. NO. NO. NO. Oh my god, it's probably going to happen on Season 24. Probst says that Li'l Russell is clearly still passionate about this show, so he wonders if he will hold to his promise that he'll never be on this show again or if he's changed his mind. "It's a piece of me, it's a part of me," Li'l Russell says. How? I can understand why Rob might say that since he's been on the show over the course of a third of his lifetime and it's because of the show that he has the wife and thus the children he has now. And the money. And the career. But Li'l Russell has been doing it for like a year and a half. And he supposedly had a good life and a successful business going well before Survivor ever knocked on his door. But then! A glimmer of hope! "I gotta say no," he says. Probst asks if they should throw away Li'l Russell's phone number, then. Li'l Russell tells him to keep it. Of course. I'll never be rid of him. He is my curse. He's just going to take over every other season of this show until its mercifully cancellation.

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