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Probst segues from Li'l Russell to another "polarizing" contestant: Phillip. We get a montage of Phillip telling everyone about how he used to be a Federal/special agent, and Probst asks Phillip if there was a method to his madness. Phillip says there was and that as soon as he realized what a grip Rob had on his tribe, he made a plan to try to get close to the man in control by being a total dick all the time so that he got all the attention and Rob would be able to fly under the radar. That may well be a brilliant strategy, but I have a feeling Phillip came up with it after his time on the show, not during. Probst asks Phillip what the reaction has been from people on the street. Phillip claims that it's been nothing but positive and people love him and think he's a brilliant player. Phillip would also like us to know that he played this game with integrity and never lied to or deceived anyone because that was more important to him than the money. The million dollars was, however, more important to him than wearing underwear that wasn't totally embarrassing. And feathers. Probst notices that people in the audience and even contestants on the stage are outright laughing at him and asks if that bothers Phillip. Phillip says it doesn't surprise him, adding that he never talked shit about his fellow contestants in an interview. Ashley can't help but laugh and point out that Phillip said plenty of negative things about her in his interviews. Phillip says that's okay because he said the same stuff to her face that he said about her in the interviews. Phillip is getting wound up, but Probst has to calm him back down because time is short and he still needs to address two more Phillip things. First, the race fight between Phillip and Steve. He asks if they've made nice since then, and Phillip says they haven't, but he wants to right now. "The specialist doesn't make a mistake," he starts, and I thought he was going to accuse Steve of racism again. But no! "He made one in this game," Phillip continues; "Steve, I hope you accept my apology." He holds out a hand for Steve to shake, and Steve does. So that's nice.

And then there's the big, big, big Phillip question. We see a picture of Phillip when he was in the army, and he is suffering from some serious unfortunate 80s style right there. Big-ass glasses! Tragic moustache! But it proves that Phillip was in the army, which I don't think anyone ever doubted. I do doubt that he won some kind of huge honor for cleaning latrines, though, as he claimed on the show. But that is never mentioned. As for the Federal Agent stuff, Probst asks Phillip directly who he worked for. On the show he used to be really vague about it, but now he says he was a special agent for the Defense Investigative Services (now known as the Defense Security Service, which a quick Wikipedia check tells me is not a federal law enforcement agency like, say, the FBI and its agents have no police powers) and also "worked with the Naval Investigative Service as an adjudicator," whatever that means. So I guess he really was a Federal Agent, sort of. He did say he worked for three different agencies, though, and as far as I can tell, he only listed one. And he was only there for a few years, so ... did he quit? Did he get fired? We'll never know.

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