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All You Need Is Cash

Adams and House are in House's office. Adams can't believe House. He can't believe her either! He professes to be shocked that she would disobey him. She's now on board with Andrews's theory. He admits that he wanted Park to do the tilt-table test, and that forbidding it was faster than recommending it. She wants to test for normal pressure hydrocephalus, which was Andrews's idea. House has another one. He sends Adams off to biopsy the liver. House: "Unless you want your own hearing." Adams: "You'd have to hire me first." She leaves. House looks contemplative.

Still in the disciplinary hearing, Park admits that it's unacceptable to hit people. She looks contrite. She kind of starts babbling: "It's like it wasn't even me. I would never do something like that. Even though I did. I'm sorry I'm not making any sense right now. I don't know. I just really love being a doctor so much and I barely even have a hundred dollars and... Please don't fire me?" Pause. She looks hopeful.

Barton's daughter (whose name might well also be Barton) wants to know if this latest diagnosis is any better. Adams says they'll know in a few hours. The daughter says if Barton is still comatose in a day, she'll sign the move-to-China paper because it's what her father wants. "But unless he wakes up before tomorrow, it's gonna be my signature on that piece of paper." Adams: "You don't have to sign it." Stay out of it, lady. Just concentrate on fixing her father.

House plays with a ball on his cane. Adams enters his office. The liver biopsy was clean. As was the spinal fluid test. Could it be HTLV? No, because they rejected that earlier in the episode. Looks like they're out of ideas. Park enters, jubilant. She would like her hundred bucks from House. Adams suggests Eastern equine encephalitis. Yes, that's an "equine" in the name, but apparently it does affect humans. House is distracted by the noise of the ortho saws next door. They seem to spend literally all day cutting casts off people in there. House gimps in and prepares to hit the ortho guy. Then! He sees an x-ray with metal in it. I think it may be someone with an artificial shoulder. He gets Idea Face and then tells Adams and Park to start the patient on plasma phyresis. That, he says, will make him wake up in an hour. He tells the ortho guy it's been a pleasure having him as a neighbor.

Barton's bedside. House smugs, "This diagnosis was brought to you by the letter 'Y.'" Barton is thirsty, which I think annoys House. He's supposed to be fawning on House's brilliance, not worrying about his own physical needs. House tells him he had large, Y-shaped antibodies clogging up his internal bits. This hyperviscosity syndrome was brought on by rheumatoid arthritis. Barton, who might not have been listening to all that, says, "So I'm gonna be completely cured." House gives him the papers to move his company to China. He wants him to sign before the market opens. Barton has literally just opened his eyes a minute ago and now House is pressuring him to sign these incredibly important papers. The daughter says, "If you move it, it'll be without me." She can't do it. "If this is really about family, you will not do this." House watches, tensely.

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