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Season 4 Performance #10

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Season 4 Performance #10

It's the final performance episode of Dancing with the Stars (or "Starts" as I still say in my head). Join us! Boy, the introductions sure fly by now that there are only three contestants left. I just noticed that, with shorter hair, Julianne kind of looks like Kellie Pickler pre-boob job. Tonight, the contestants will first do a dance chosen for them by the judges, and then do a freestyle. The judges will score them tonight, and will also score an additional routine tomorrow night. We at home only get to vote on what we see tonight, obviously. The scores will be combined tomorrow night to determine the winner. Some text flashes on screen explaining that the full scoring rules are on ABC's web site; they're probably trying to avoid another Kelly Monaco/John O'Hurley disaster, although people will still be pissed if their favorite loses, no matter how clearly the rules are spelled out.

First up are Laila and Maksim. Last week, they got perfect scores. Laila thinks they need to be creative in their freestyle, but because of her size, she can't do the lifts and jumps like some of the other ladies. Laila has a hard time trusting her partner, and he shows that may be deserved when he stumbles due to her size. Laila is also excited for another chance at the paso doble, since it was her lowest score of the season. She promises to dance her heart out for the fans who have kept her in the competition thus far.

Their first dance is their paso doble. Lila has in some hair extensions (I assume) and looks really beautiful. I'm not crazy about Maks's red silk shirt; it kind of looks like a golf hole flag. There's also a lot of Maks flitting about and doing fancy footwork, and I prefer the woman to be the one featured in that style. It is an interesting dynamic, though, since this dance is quite aggressive, and Laila could probably take Maks in a fight. They get a standing ovation. Len announces that they chose this dance for Laila to do again to give her a second chance, and she really took advantage. He adds that there were a few small things wrong, like lack of pointed toes. Bruno thinks it was "dripping with emotion." Carrie Ann agrees, and expresses her pride in Laila's progress, even just from last week. The scores come in at 10, 9, and 10. Tom promises that there will be "ballroom mayhem" coming up. Is Billy Ray coming back?

The results show tomorrow night is two hours? TWO HOURS? What in the hell are they going to do for two hours? I had better witness the return of Dance Center. Anyway, last week, Len thought Apolo and Julianne were too raunchy. Apolo is really excited about doing the freestyle, which will incorporate lots of lifts. They bring in a hip-hop choreographer to help Apolo with break dancing skills. Their judge-chosen dance is the rumba, which Apolo has a hard time learning. Apolo thinks that, having competed in the Olympics, he has the mental fortitude to really shine in the final.

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