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Season 4 Performance #10

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Season 4 Performance #10

It's time to bring Laila and Maksim back for their freestyle. I read that Laila will have to get knee surgery when the season ends, and maybe that's why she's wearing bedazzled sneakers this week, but it's not a good look for her. She has really muscular legs anyway, as an athlete, and flats don't do her any favors, especially when she's wearing short shorts. I do enjoy some of her retro '80s moves, like the running man. They do a modified sort of lift, and I'm not sure why, but something seems to be missing from the routine. Laila tries to work it, but the spark is gone somehow, in my opinion. And then at the end, Laila rips Maksim's T-shirt off him. Ugh. Gross. He loves himself SO MUCH! Tom jokes that the best acting he's seen so far was Maksim pretending he didn't want his shirt ripped off. I love Tom. The crowd goes nuts. Oh, don't encourage him.

Carrie Ann liked it, but she wanted to see Laila bring what the remaining male contestants couldn't -- elegance and grace. AGREED! You know Laila can't do hip-hop better than Joey or be more cute and pocket-like than Apolo, so why not go a whole different direction? Len says that while Maksim is a fine figure of a man, he clearly wouldn't be able to pick Laila up over his head. Len liked their technique but wanted more elegance and sophistication. Laila complains that they said they wanted something different. Bruno adds that Laila should have brought the sensuality she's made famous. The judges reveal their scores: 9, 8, and 9. Samantha wonders what Laila thinks, and she repeats that she thought the judges wanted something different. Laila and Maks have a total of 55 out of 60. I actually like that the scores are not as overblown as last week.

Apolo and Julianne look like they're headed to .the set of You Got Served 2 (and oh, how I wish that were a real movie) (and when I just checked IMDB to see if it was a real movie, I discovered the existence of a DVD called You Got Served, Taking It To The Streets, which does not, as you might think, feature the Doobie Brothers in a motherfucking dance-off, but it does allow you to learn the moves from the film, and I think it's time to end this parenthetical and also I think I've had too much sugar). As "Bust A Move" (my signature karaoke song!) plays, Apolo and Julianne do some amazing moves, especially Apolo's break dancing and some of the lifts. They are very successful with a section where they dance with bandannas (sounds weird but it worked) and not as successful with a section where they pull bandannas over their eyes and try to "dance blind" so to speak, but get a bit out of sync. I admire the attempt. They finish up with a move where Apolo lies on his back and Julianne vaults off his feet and does a front flip. Hey, Young MC is in the audience! It looks like he's put the weight from Celebrity Fit Club back on. Oh, like you don't watch that show on Sunday mornings. The crowd is so fired up that you can't really hear what Len says, although it is positive. Bruno loved it too, especially the blindfolded bit. Carrie Ann makes them come over and give her hugs. Another thing I liked about this routine is that often the professionals look really awkward during the freestyle, because they can't let loose or something, but Julianne looks good. Anyway, they get 10, 10, and 10 for an overall score tonight of 58 out of 60, which puts them in the lead.

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