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Season 4 Performance #10

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Season 4 Performance #10

Finally, Joey and Kym are up. I wonder if they will suffer from heightened expectations. Freestyle is right in Joey's wheelhouse (my husband provided that phrase, so thanks, dude). They're dancing to "Last Dance," so it starts out very slow and elegant, until they rip off their suits and reveal gold lame suits and bust out some N*SYNC moves. Joey plays to his strengths, literally, and does a ton of lifts and spins because he's big and he can. And he looks like he's having more fun than he has all season. They also do lots of actual dance moves. And then Mrs. Brady and Lisa Loeb are sitting together in the audience. What? Bruno and Carrie Ann are ecstatic, and Len tells Joey that he flew off the stage "like Harry Potter on a Nimbus 2000." Who knew Len was a J.K. Rowling fan? Len concludes that he wishes he could give higher than a 10. That was pretty amazing. I think Joey met expectations and I don't know if I liked his routine or Apolo's better. Okay, time shift: I just went back and I think I liked Joey's second routine better, but I liked Apolo's first routine better. I mean, they could have conceived a baby. The judges give them 10, 10, and 10. Their total score is 56 out of 60. Joey and Kym talk about how difficult their rehearsals were due to all the lifts, but they pulled through. Joey manages to pull out the humble while begging for votes.

Tom reminds us that the judges will be scoring one more performance tomorrow night, but these are the standings right now. Apolo and Julianne are in first with 58, Joey and Kym are in second with 56, and Laila and Maksim are in third with 55. Samantha reminds us that the home viewers' votes count for half of the totals, so it's important to use all your votes, and come back tomorrow night to find out the champion.

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