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Lesson Thirteen: People Aren't Metaphors

Over at Yahootinithon '05, Pete name-checks the Glaser AIDS Foundation and thanks everyone, and there's a weird momentary clip of people's laps. Rebecca thanks every single person for coming and hopes they had a lovely time, and says "goodie bag" in that Chicago way ("beeyag") a thousand times, and tells us that they had a wonderful time and many of them said they were "really happy to support this foundation," and I'm so sure they meant with money. Benefits are like this: you feel good just for coming. George says it was a night of "good comedy" and gives her a high rating on "all the little touches," saying that she didn't miss a trick and was very professional. Rebecca toasts her team and tells us how she "couldn't have done this without them" and that she's "extremely proud," and assures Chris that she has "no regrets whatsoever." She tells them she loved it, and loved "working with the people sitting here," and Chris begs to be gotten the hell out of there, and she wishes she could do something for James and Chris and Toral, because they gave "absolutely everything" for both Rebecca and the benefit. In the limo, and again it's a nice counterpoint, Rebecca grins and looks tired -- but not so tired that she still couldn't beat your ass.

In the suite there is stressful music but no stressful people. They can barely speak, just grin lovingly at each other and send mental mind-meld valentines bursting with friendliness and self-esteem. Back in one of the bedrooms, Rebecca's doing some unspecified girl thing and they have a long talk, as Rebecca tells us, "about previous tasks...the good times and the bad times" and about "the tasks where we worked together and how much fun it was to work together as a team," which really is what they need to be thinking about. Randal talks about how they're going to "just take this thing out with a bang," and how he "couldn't think of a better person to square off [against] in the last task," and she Rebeccas, "I agree," and it's so, so sweet, because she wants to wash her face or do whatever this unknown girl thing is that she's trying to do, but she loves Randal, and he's all second-wind adrenaline talky-talky, so she's just affectionate and chatty with him. She interviews, interestingly, that they "have enough respect for one another to know" that they're both "very qualified to be here" and that "no matter what" happens, they're "both going to feel proud, of the other one and ourselves." They agree that they totally wanted the other one in the finals, all along, and she cheers, "Let the chips fall!" and finally he goes away. It's really the nicest moment in the whole episode, because she's so intent on doing whatever thing it is that she needs to do, regimen-wise, and so patient and affectionate about waiting for him to go away, and he's so jangly and nervy and wanting to stay up all night and dish and talk the fear and anticipation away. They really are like siblings. I've had this whole holiday homesickness thing happening all week, and this just poked me right in that, watching them be all wiggly and funny together.

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