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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

Now it's time to look at Zora. Zora nuzzles with the horse. And jumps around and giggles. And then looks at the horse's teeth. And kisses the horse some more. And nuzzles the horse. Dude! What is up with her and the horse? Paul returns and says that Zora often seemed out of her element with the other women, and wonders if the mystery is what kept Evan intrigued.

Cut to Zora wearing a sweater and holding a fuzzy white cat. In an interview, Zora says she thinks she's compassionate, because she loves working with the elderly, at the high school, with animals, and she's a non-smoker. So smokers can't be compassionate? Nice. Then a little girl comes on and talks and talks about how Zora took care of her great-grandma. Which is nice and all, but shut up, little girl! I want to find out more about Sarah's simulated images. Also, maybe Zora killed this girl's great-grandma. Did you ever think of that, little girl? Maybe instead of an angel of mercy, Zora is an angel of death! One of Zora's friends says that she didn't try to be popular in high school and had a good reputation. The mayor of Zora's home town says that Zora is nice and if she wins, they'll have Zora Day.

Zora says that she grew up in extreme poverty and wasn't allowed to waste food. She now works as a substitute teacher and also works with the elderly. She finds that fulfilling and gratifying. Zora tells about how she didn't have heat before she left for France, so she turned on the oven for heat and melted her blinds. Zora shows off her necklaces, which she keeps in a box in the freezer. Attention burglars! They're in a box in the freezer! Zora says that when she first got the necklaces, she wanted to sell them to give money to her aunt in Yugoslavia who is dying of cancer. But then I guess she didn't and she just let her aunt die or something. They didn't really follow up with that. Zora says that she went on the show for the adventure of being in another country.

Zora talks about the hot tub scene and claims that Sarah looked fabulous in her bikini. Zora thinks that in their competition, she gets the sympathy votes and Sarah gets the votes for being hot. The little girl says that Zora is the greatest. The mayor says that Zora is nice and real. Zora's friend says that Zora is a miracle of a person. The last shot is Zora snuggling with the cat while cartoon flowers twirl in the corners. Vote for Zora! She's not a slut! She's plucky! She thought about selling her necklaces even though she didn't actually do it! She doesn't give blowjobs! Give me a fucking break. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

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