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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

Heidi says that the final blow came when they found out she had a boyfriend. Heidi tells some of the women that she met her boyfriend during casting. In an interview, Sarah says that Heidi claimed that at least she was honest about it, but Sarah points out that Heidi did lie. In an interview, Heidi says that if she did go into the woods with Evan, she would also be breaking ties with her boyfriend at that time. Isn't she required to give two weeks' notice or something? In an interview, Heidi says that she doesn't think any of the women had the courage to say anything to her face. Well, would you? She's clearly psychotic. Don't provoke the crazy lady. Heidi says that before Evan made his second selection, everyone was shooting daggers at her. In an interview, Mojo says she was hoping Heidi didn't get picked, but the other women were as well, and then when Heidi didn't get picked, they all agreed that "evil was out of there." And she's calling Heidi dramatic?

Heidi says that if things had been different, she might not have a boyfriend right now and she might still be on the show. Like she had any control over whether she stayed. Heidi says that the plan was for her boyfriend to pick her up at the airport and they'd talk about it, and she reveals that they now live together. And now we get to meet this sad sack. Heidi's boyfriend's name is Joe too! And I think he's cross-eyed. He's definitely got some sort of lazy eye. As we see Heidi dancing in a club, Joe says, "She's pretty, she's exciting, she's passionate, she's strong, she's really well-shaped, she's got a great body, she dances like a stripper." So to me that means, "She has blonde hair, she gives me blowjobs, she likes sex, she could beat me up so I have to say nice things about her, she wears skimpy clothes, and she dances like a stripper." Joe further claims that Heidi is "by far the most funnest woman that I've ever met." "Most funnest"? I think he actually belongs with Melissa. Joe says that people ask him how he could let his girlfriend go on a dating show. "Let" her? I don't think Heidi asks permission for much. Joe says he doesn't fear competition from other guys. Joe isn't coming off as the sharpest knife in the drawer. He makes Evan look smart. In an interview, Heidi says that she wears the trousers in the relationship, but she's good at making Joe think that he does. Okay, once this airs and he sees that, he really needs to dump her for his own self-respect. Because that was a shitty thing to say. Joe and Heidi kiss.

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