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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

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Secrets Of The Women Of Joe Millionaire

Mastercheese Theatre. Paul says that Sarah has no trouble keeping a man's attention, and that she might have been a bit naughty on her dates with Evan. California montage. Sarah drives a convertible down the street. Sarah voice-overs that she was born in a small town, and while she was never rebellious, she always wanted to do things her own way. We see childhood photos and videos of Sarah. Sarah's interview is very chopped up, so much so that it sounds like a female Stephen Hawking. Sarah says that she's been living in L.A. for four years. One of her friends was approached by a scout from the show and pointed the scout toward Sarah. Um, thanks? Sarah says that she was flattered, and that she likes to go into things not knowing what to expect. Flashback to Evan and Sarah's first meeting at the ball. Sarah says she had a wonderful time on the dates and Evan was a gentleman who never pushed things. Hmm. And yet I've seen interviews with her more recently where she claims that Evan was the one who got her to go into the woods and ditch the cameras.

In an interview, Dana says that Sarah is very competitive, as evidenced by her going into the woods with Evan. In an interview, Sarah claims that they were walking into parts of the woods where she hadn't been. Oh, so it was a guided tour. In the dark. Sarah caught on that Evan was trying to ditch the camera crew and then he kissed her, held her, and nuzzled her. Well, that's one way of putting it. I think she shizzled his nizzle. Sarah says everyone was scandalized, but she thought it was innocent and lovely. In an interview, Katy says that everyone on the internet was trying to figure out what was going on in the woods, and then the story broke about Sarah's film career. Then there are some totally fake headlines and radio stories about Sarah, and I think one of the radio announcers was actually Paul. Sarah says she did some fetish modeling because she had enormous school loans, and she didn't see why it was such a big deal, because in L.A. there are tons of people with lurid offers. So it's not a big deal to take them up on it? Then comes the best part of the episode. They show three pictures of people with their hands and feet bound with a some text that says "Simulated Image." Hee! I can't decide if they just couldn't get the rights to the actual footage, or if they were worried that people wouldn't know what "fetish and bondage" means. Or both. In an interview, Mojo says she was surprised and wondered what kind of girls Evan ended up with. Sarah says she had a wonderful time and she really liked Evan. The last scene of Sarah is standing in her bandeau top and skirt, looking out over the ocean. Because she's all citified and slutty.

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