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A Hardman is Bad to Find

Harvey and Mike meet back at the office and bring each other up to speed. "Welcome to Pearson Hardman," Harvey says. When it's Mike's turn, he says he's got the case settled. "[Did you] slam the plaintiff?" Harvey asks. Mike says he slammed everyone. "That's what I like to hear," Harvey says, his voice going suddenly echoey as he comes around the corner to find Daniel addressing the whole firm. He's saying he wants to come back, but has to come clean first. "Because if we are busy hiding what we have done, it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who discovers our secrets. And we become so consumed with keeping them that it is a slippery slope to doing even worse things." Sound familiar? With that said, Daniel confesses to everyone in the room that he "borrowed" from clients' escrow accounts and while he paid it all back, he wants all the employees to know the kind of man he was "and the kind of man I am." Over the applause, Harvey whispers to Mike, "Go home now. Don't come back." Mike slips out quickly and Jessica comes up and hisses at Harvey, "You and I are going to have a talk." Daniel comes up to them and says he understands why Jessica sicced Harvey on him, but he's not the same person, which he thinks he just proved. "I told my daughter everything. I hope we can figure out a way to work together." Tough to blackmail someone who's willing to confess everything, I suppose.

At night, Mike meets Trevor at Washington Square Park to confront him. Trevor doesn't exactly feel bad about having betrayed Mike, what with Jenny having been in Mike's shower while Trevor was three feet away back in the first season finale. Mike says he was going to tell him. "But you didn't," Trevor says. "And I wasn't going to tell Jenny about Rachel, but I did." Neat how that worked out. Mike asks how Trevor even knew about that and Trevor invites him to figure it out. Mike complains Trevor not only got Jenny to dump him, but tried to ruin his life. "We're even," Trevor says, turning to leave. Mike stops him by rattling off Trevor's Social Security number, which he saw on Trevor's dad's desk in sixth grade. His point is that Mike can mess with Trevor too, especially now that "I really don't give a shit about you any more. You might not have my memory but you better remember that." Ooh, brr!

Back at the firm, Jessica walks into Harvey's office and demands to know what he said to Daniel. Harvey asks if it matters and Jessica says what matters is that Mike Ross isn't coming back. "Well, that's not gonna happen," Harvey says. Jessica says she'll fire Mike if Harvey doesn't, but Harvey says she won't either. "You said gave me the benefit of the doubt that I didn't know about Mike, otherwise you'd fire me too. Well, I knew." Jessica asks if he's trying to force her hand, but he says he's trying to stay it. "He goes, I go." Jessica calls his bluff and tells him to pack his stuff. What a pain it's going to be to get all those basketballs out of there. Harvey points out the problem with that: Daniel's coming for Jessica and if Harvey and Mike both leave, he's going to find out why. "You'll look reckless for hiring a kid without a degree, or foolish for not knowing I did it." Which puts her in a bad position. "All because you hired the goddamn kid in the first place," Jessica points out. "Be that as it may, he'll use it against you," Harvey says. "You need me. And I'm not staying without Mike." This is an excellent plan, because all of Harvey's other blackmail schemes have gone so well today. Here's my issue: given that Alicia Hardman must have had cancer for a while, shouldn't they have had a backup plan already in place instead of scrambling like this when they finally kicked it? I guess it's lucky for Mike they didn't.

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