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The Hardy Boys Are Not The Droids You're Looking For

Sam, still not believing what he just witnessed, hops out of the Impala to give very pissed-off chase. Andy's foolishly ducked down a dead-end, and as ginormous, sun-blotting Sam lankily advances upon his backwards-scrambling and increasingly frightened prey, Andy impotently unleashes a series of commands that should be forcing Sam to turn around, but don't. "Doesn't seem to work on me," Sam shrugs, tossing his arms out into the air and shaking his head. While Andy continues to freak, Sam narrates the unnatural events of Andy's recent life, as Sam himself experienced the exact same things at roughly the same time. You already know the details, so we'll skip ahead to the point where Sam accuses Andy of Dead Doctor Doc's murder. Andy flails around in confusion and outrage, but before he can respond, Sam's whacked in the teeth with another free-floating premonition. Sam doubles over in pain as we catch shuddery, black-and-white glimpses of what he's about to witness in glorious, full-length Technicolor before the camera, um, jumps into his mind, I guess? We'll go with that. Whatever.

At the pumps of a gas station, a woman in her early forties fills up the tank of her SUV as her cell phone rin...oh, my holy crap, but that's a shitty, shitty wig they've stapled to her head. I realize for the stunt that's about to occur, they need some sort of special hairpiece for the person performing it, but sweet Jesus, couldn't they come up with something a little more realistic? It pains me even to look at this phony-ass...thing. Sigh. Anyway, the woman answers her cell, listens for a moment, then perkily confirms, "Sure! I can do that!" She leans past the wheel to push in the cigarette lighter on the dash, then turns to pull the gas pump's nozzle from her tank. She takes a few steps from the car before quite casually soaking her entire body -- and that assy wig -- with gasoline. As the station attendant finally notices what's going on and starts screaming, "Hey, lady! What are you doing?" the woman casually retrieves the lighter from the dash. "It's gonna be okay," she assures him, right before pressing the lighter to the arm of her coat. She's instantly devoured by flames just as Sam snaps out of the premonition long enough to get himself devoured by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Back from the break, Dean rushes over as Sam collapses to the ground and babbles out the details. Just as Sam manages to stagger back to his feet, however, a fire engine screams down the street behind them. Dean takes off to follow it as Sam pushes Andy back against a fence. "You're staying with me." Mrow.

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