Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

At the Gem, Al is having his meeting with the SFC, Mr. Lee. He has Dan get out two bags of gold, trying to buy the dude off. The SFC stands in silence. Al tells Dan to open the bags, so that the SFC can verify that it's really gold. Surprising everyone, Lee says, in perfect English, "I know. I don't want it." Al gives him an eyebrow. "Anyways," he says, "good meetin' you." Dan shows Lee the door, and Al calls for Wu to come out from where he was hiding behind the bedroom door. Wu says, in his way, that it's obvious the SFC has "juice." Al: "If twenty don't tempt him to converse, you're fuckin'-A right. Maybe you and me should be workin' for him." Wu does the International Sign for Wu-Swedgin Love again, and Al nods, but gives him the brush, as it's been a "long fuckin' day." Dan puts the twenty thousand back in the safe while Al theorizes that Lee, being from San Fran, is connected to Hearst. "You think Hearst and the chink's connected?" Dan asks. "You think he was born," Al answers, "looking down his nose at twenty thousand?"

Back at the Chez Amie, Cy is reviewing the scene, and gagging. Pulling himself together, he tells Wolcott, "Chief fact is, no witnesses are extant." Wolcott worries that Joanie had seen him there. Cy quickly brushes over this, though, saying he needn't worry about her, since she hadn't seen him kill anybody. Cy says he'll take care of the situation, and that Mr. W should go back to the Grand Central, have a meal -- "if you can stand the food" -- and not to worry.

At the hardware store, Bullock is apologizing to Sol for his earlier behavior. He's sorry, he says, for bringing Trixie into it, and especially for calling her what he did. "That wasn't new information to me," Sol reminds him. Bullock self-deprecatingly tells Sol about the rest of the morning. "I searched that idiot Steve out to rebuke him and smack him in the face for...bein' who he was." He points at his own head to indicate what a genius maneuver that was, saying, "The sheriff."

Sol tells him about the meeting with Mrs. G, that she had never mentioned Bullock's name, but that she does want to start the bank and have Sol serve as chief officer. "You'd be a good one," Bullock says, before Sol drops the payload on him: "I got the impression that she might be with child." This time, due to the shock, the clench comes on slow.

Merrick is escorting Mary Stokes out of the hotel dining hall, complaining about the food. "Lot, before God, could make no case for that food," Merrick says. "Lot's wife may have been in that food," Miss Stokes jokes back. Kind of an obvious set-up, but okay. They laugh, heartily, like a couple of nerds in love, arriving at Merrick's office. He opens the door to find the place overturned. Someone has wrecked the joint and, uh...soiled it, to boot. Miss Stokes places her handkerchief over her face and steps back out, and Merrick looks the place over, very upset, as one naturally would be, having their place shat on and all.

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