Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

Back in the street, Lee's wagon has stopped, and Wu has stomped out of his little Chinatown see what the deal is. He gives Lee a withering look, filled with all sorts of ninja-type rage, and rips off the tarp to reveal...a wagonload of Chinese women, brought into town for use as prostitutes. It is awful. Dozens of them stand there, slaves in a cage, squinting in the light and reaching out through the bars. He turns back to look at Lee, and it seems for a minute like he is going to go Crouching Wu, Hidden Pig on everybody within a five-mile radius, he is that mad, but instead he whips his braid around like a pissed-off high-school girl, and huffs away. Cy and Wolcott are watching all this on their little smoke break, and Wolcott notes aloud that there will likely be trouble between Wu and Lee. All Cy cares about are the girls, his "new employees." Doc comes out of the Gem in time to come face to face with the whimpering wagonload of whores. He freezes, no doubt seeing his future pass before his eyes: treating a camp full of syphilitic men while the whores who infected them, whose language barriers and miserable conditions will override any treatment Doc could provide, will suffer on a scale of indignity rarely seen even in Deadwood. He is horrified, and looks to Cy and Wolcott, still nonchalantly observing the scene, before lowering his head and walking swiftly away.

In Al's office, the boys are trying to get him all set up to meet the day's business. Al doesn't really have his balance, yet, and you know, he's feeling waxy, but he's put on his Prince Albert and is trying to pull himself together. Dan and Johnny move him a few inches either way in his chair -- "about half a c*nt hair" -- to get him straight. He tells Johnny to give him the ol' Carol Burnett ear tug if he starts drooling. Johnny assures him that he "never showed no fuckin' spittle," but Al insists, and Johnny agrees. Dan opens the office door to see a line outside of people wanting to see Al. E.B. is in the first chair, followed by Nuttall, Miss Iz, Adams, Trixie, and Wu. Trixie jumps up and breaks in front of E.B., saying she's going in. "Then why am I in the first chair?" E.B. asks, incredulous. Trixie barely turns around to make her case: "Anyone else suck his prick?" She gets no response but a short snort from Wu, who is reviewing some preliminary sketches he's put together for Al to illustrate the latest goings-on of the cocksuckers in camp.

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