Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

Back at the Bella Union, Cy is signing over the titles of the claims he's recently bought to Wolcott. They have a little chat while Cy counts his money. "Let's agree," Cy says, "them chink whores make a poor appearance. And as far as locales for fuckin', those cribs they're in, lack allure." Wolcott agrees, but says that this might attract "the intended clientele." Cy's got to take a sidebar. "Now that's an attitude right there, I want us to counsel sort of attitude, almost with a quality of fuckin' anger to it." Wolcott says he thinks his attitude is just fine. Here's where Cy gets too big for his britches. He pseudo-casually suggests that that may be so, but that he hears Wolcott is a "dangerous lay" and asks if he's ever inclined to "ride one off a cliff." Wolcott looks up. He's disturbed, he says, that his private conduct has been spoken of, and Cy goes in for the kill, asking what Mr. Hearst would think if he were to hear about these rumors. He goes too far, rattling on about how he himself is past surprise and doesn't judge. Wolcott lays down the smack. A man who thinks himself past surprise is no friend of his, he says, and may BE surprised to find out "that Mr. Hearst already knows of my inclinations, and finds them immaterial." They get pissy at the end, and Wolcott leaves in a controlled snit.

Seems Adams has taken Miss Iz up on her offer of a bang for his questions answered. Post-coitally, she explains that when Mrs. Garret advertised for a tutor, her employers saw it and sent her to Deadwood. Adams asks what she had been doing before heading to camp, and Miss Iz says she was piloting a steamboat. She says she isn't sure who hired her people to go after Mrs. G, and Adams figures it's Brom Garret's parents. She says that would make sense, and asks why Al hates the Pinkertons. Miss Iz, we're all looking forward to finding that out. "Beats me," Adams says, with heavy sarcasm, "a stalwart organization like 'at?" He continues, asking: "Did you help send them miners up the fuckin' scaffold in Pennsylvania?" Miss Iz: "I was busy on the Mississip'." I'm going to miss Miss Isringhausen when they kill her, I think.

Eeek, out in the thoroughfare, Wolcott is coming unraveled. Walking down toward the Chez Amie, he's talking to himself, making the case against Cy and Doris and the WORLD for spreading the word about his indecent habits. He's hung up on Cy saying he's "past surprise." He lists out stuff one might be past in life -- love, warmth, kindness, consideration, justice -- but to be past surprise, he says, would make life an endless tedium. He walks into the Chez Amie, indeed surprising everyone. Maddie, reading at her desk, tells him Carrie is napping, and offers to wake her. "You needn't," he says, indicating Doris. "I'd like to see this young lady just now." Maddie's face shows a little concern, as she instructs Doris to go with Mr. W.

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