Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

Back at the Chez Amie, things are heating up. Joanie's in a panic. She wants to go in and see what's going on with Wolcott, Carrie, and Doris. "He ain't the type to be with two women," Joanie says. "I never took his full history," Maddie answers, trying to hold it together. "I'm sayin' he ain't," Joanie insists. Well, you know, technically, she's wrong. Wolcott is, indeed, in the room with both Carrie and Doris. The camera is close on Carrie's crying face, with Wolcott looking only slightly concerned in the background. "What are we to do here, Carrie?" he asks her. Dude, Doris is dead. Carrie is mortified with fear. She tells him to "get rid of her, they'll let you." Wolcott says he supposes she's right, but that's not really the problem. Man, Wolcott is so amazing in this scene. Such calmness. Evil is so much more scary when it's calm.

Carrie asks what's the problem, then. "I don't know," Wolcott says. "I can't say. I don't want you to have seen me..." Carrie, who is also fantastic here, says she doesn't care that Wolcott killed Doris. "I mean something different," he says. "I don't want to have been seen..." Shit. Carrie realizes he's talking about the fact that she's seen him without his pants. She takes a deep breath, still crying, and musters up her strength for one final bout of bitchiness: "Then you're fucking crazy...and you're gonna kill me in this fucking shithole." She breaks down a little, still staring at Doris. "Do you know," she asks him, "how to make it not hurt?" He pauses a little -- and who the hell knows if he has any feeling one way or another about what he's about to do as he sits there and reflects -- and Carrie jumps up to make a break for it. He grabs her and quickly slits her throat, and lowers her slowly to the bed, where her body rests on his arm. "Now..." he says, with maximum eveeeel, "I could cut off my arm..." Asshole. He leaves her there, dead, her face still streaked with tears.

I am only beginning to get mad about him killing Carrie when we cut back out to the drawing room, where Joanie is getting ready to go in and find out what's happening. She goes to get her gun, when Maddie stands and draws on her. "Your gun isn't there," she says, crying, "go on, get out." This is awful. They are both in a state of panic. Joanie leaves, and runs crying down the thoroughfare, toward the Bella Union, pausing to acknowledge Charlie Utter in the street.

Back in the Chez Amie, Wolcott has stepped into the drawing room to face Maddie, who stonefacedly asks him what he's done. "Something..." he tells her, "very expensive." Not pausing, she stands again, pointing the gun in his face and demanding "One hundred thousand...for now," as she goes on, she gets more and more hysterical, "and more, when I want it, for as many years as I live...for all the years of my life...DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" Oh, yes, he understands. He slits her throat as well. Mr. W is in no mood to be tested today by selfish people, that much is clear. Maddie doesn't go as quietly as the others, and as she lies dying, Wolcott sits to contemplate his next move.

Joanie is contemplating it as well, and runs into the Bella Union, telling Cy there's trouble at her place. He smartassedly asks where Sheriff Bullock is when you need him. Joanie is so frightened. She asks Cy if Doris had mentioned Wolcott beating on her, because that's the nature of the trouble she's talking about. The blood drains from Cy's face -- or, you know, we can assume it does, since Powers Boothe has on so much makeup, you can't really tell -- and he starts immediately for the door, growling that she's not to follow him. Joanie yells at the bartender to give her all the money he has, and tells Lila to run out and flag down Mr. Utter and have him arrange for a wagon. I'm loving Joanie this season and if they kill her help me...

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