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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

Rob and Amber read his letter from, presumably, his brother. He interviews that his main alliance is still with Amber, because she trusts him even if he doesn't entirely trust her. Heh heh. As they sit together, he assures her that they're going to do it, and that they need to have trust and confidence going into tribal council. He interviews that of course Amber's playing the game; he doesn't think she's playing him, he thinks "it's genuine what's going on." Of course, then he says, "I could be the biggest sucker in history." Hee. "So hey, she had me fooled." Well, at least he admits it. He won't be the first person fooled by a smokin' ass.

They all head for tribal council. Jeff brings in Kathy and Lex. Shut up, Lex's Mohawk (tm Kim). Jeff brings up Shii Ann's important immunity victory. Which Lex smirks about, because he is still righteously indignant over nearly everything. Shii Ann claims that the tribe is "very unique [sic]" in that they're open about whom they want to get rid of, so she responded by being a totally obnoxious crybaby. She uses different words, but that's the idea. Jeff asks Rupert what his feeling is about the challenge, and he says it was really hard. He says that he's feeling especially vulnerable after picking people in order to select meals at the reward. Jeff points out to Alicia that four of the original Chaperans are still here, and he asks how strong that group is. She says it's strong, but that they also wouldn't be where they are without Rupert and Jenna. She says that they always knew it would eventually come down to the six of them, so the fact that it's this week rather than next week isn't that big a deal.

Shii Ann is asked whether there was a power shift, and whether people approached her to make deals. She says she noticed that nobody has taken a leadership role and said who should be voted off. Which is hilarious, because if they were doing such a thing, why would they tell Shii Ann? Why is she so delusional as to believe she knows what's going on inside an alliance she's not part of? Jeff points out that Jenna looked fairly disgusted at that answer, and Jenna says -- and she's right -- that it's a stupid answer, because Shii Ann doesn't seem to understand that the fact that no one has outlined a strategy for Shii Ann doesn't mean that one does not exist. Telling your enemies isn't one of the criteria for having your strategy certified.

Jeff turns his attention to Rob, pointing out that this is his first time in a while going without immunity. Jeff asks Rob why they wouldn't get rid of him while they have the chance. Rob says he's certainly thought about that himself. He certainly wishes he had immunity.

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