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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

The next morning, the tribe seems to have better weather, as the sigh of stringed instruments suggests as we watch birds flat across the sky. Rob is so happy that he's singing the tribe song, as he sometimes does. Of course, it's easy to sing with a belly full of burger and fries. The sun is out at last, and Rob is talking with great relief about kicking off Shii Ann so that they don't have to listen to her obnoxious ass anymore. Shii Ann, meanwhile, tells Rupert that she will be trying very hard to win immunity. In some kind of weird effort to play both sides, Rupert tells her that he's going to try for immunity, but that he won't "kill himself" because he doesn't think he's vulnerable. "I wouldn't mind seeing you win immunity," he says. Shii Ann tells Rupert that he ought to be looking to oust Rob. Rupert claims to have talked to Jenna about it already. Shii Ann smugly tells Rupert that "there are people here" who would switch if they thought there was a majority. Well, Shii Ann, if that's the case, why be cagey about it? Why not get on the stick and tell Rupert, "Look, if you and Jenna get together with me and Big Tom, we can kick off Boston Rob, and then Amber, and you will be much better situated in that case than in the one you're set up for right now"? Why is she being sneaky about not telling him what the strategic possibilities are? Is it just because she enjoys trying to sound like she knows more than she actually does? Because that's kind of my current suspicion.

Elsewhere, Alicia and Big Tom talk about the possibility of getting rid of Rupert rather than Shii Ann, presumably because Rupert is part of the sub-alliance that is now showing itself with Rob and Amber. Alicia adds that neither of them -- Big Tom or herself -- will be beating Rob or Amber in a final two situation. They talk some more about their situation, and Big Tom says that he and Alicia have a bond as well: "We may not have slept together, but we've snuggled pretty close." She chuckles. Alicia interviews that she and Big Tom had an agreement to stick with Amber and Rob, and that the four of them would remain as a unit. She explains that this should theoretically be protection enough. But then Big Tom came to her with a concern about going to the end against Amber or Rob, and that's compelling as well. She says that her only real handshake deal is with Rob, and that she doesn't trust him anyway. Smart girl.

Rob and Big Tom take a walk, as Rob explains that they need to figure out what they're going to do if Shii Ann wins immunity. Big Tom says that this would obviously create a much greater hazard for him than for Rob. Rob isn't so sure -- he thinks he needs the immunities in order to stay in the game as well. Rob interviews that he isn't yet sure who will go if Shii Ann wins immunity. Tom tries to encourage Rob to think about Rupert, who is more likely to beat Rob in future immunity challenges than Shii Ann. Big Tom actually makes a fairly compelling argument that whether Shii Ann wins or not, the next move should be taking out Rupert, for a variety of endgame-related reasons. Also reasons related to making the recapper laugh hysterically, but I know those aren't their reasons.

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