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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

Farther down the road, Rob becomes irritated by a bug on his arm, and in his efforts to get it away, he manages to move a little too much, and he brings the bucket down. It's interesting, because I think he might have outlasted both of these people if that hadn't happened. As often happens, this is a concentration challenge as much as a physical-strength challenge. So it's down to Rupert and Shii Ann, because they're the mental giants. Hee hee. Two hours in, Rupert says he'll last as long as it takes. Shii Ann says basically the same thing. Before long, Rupert's bucket tips. So...Shii Ann wins immunity. Bleeech. Shii Ann cheers loudly for herself. Of course, her obnoxious behavior up to this point ensures that nobody else is happy for her. She still has no friends, she might notice, despite having won immunity. She rips off her hat, looks at Chapera, and yells, "Take that!" Of course, nobody made any effort to rub anything in her face up to this point. Nobody was unkind to her, nobody bragged about how doomed she was, and nobody did anything besides have and maintain an alliance that didn't include her. Alicia probably came closest with her "there's a plan" thing, but that appeared to be in response to Shii Ann's incessant "I have important news" babbling, and not to some independent determination to try to make Shii Ann feel bad. Shii Ann's idiotic behavior here is purely her own, because she is the only one who decided to make this some kind of personal smackfest. Having an alliance isn't inherently unkind, and the fact that Shii Ann seems to think she has scored a point completely confounding to me. It's as if she believes that by acting as if the rest of the tribe was trying to torture her with how doomed she was, she can make it true. Which she can't, because it isn't. That may have happened, of course, as any one of a number of things may have happened, but it never happened on screen, ever. In fact, when approached, Boston Rob was about as nice to her as he could be about it. So if you're looking for when the relationship between Shii Ann and the rest of the tribe turned personally ugly, it's on her, not on them. Up to this point, nobody else was trying to make it into a "fuck you" situation. She's responsible for that herself, not that she's likely to figure that out between victory screams. Idiot.

Anyway, Alicia cautions Shii Ann not to be too much of a little shit, considering that she still has to be in the same tribe as these people. It's good advice, and Shii Ann knows it as soon as Alicia says it, which is why she tries to backtrack as soon as it's out of her mouth. "You know what?" Shii Ann says. "I love you guys, but I needed this more than all of you guys!" You know, if she wants to be a pot-stirring bad-ass, Shii Ann needs to have the stones not to come back with the "I love you guys!" as soon as somebody points out to her that she's acting like kind of a bitch. She also cries over winning immunity, which just could not be more pitiful and sad. This season has certainly seen the most whimpering of any season I can recall. Jeff sends the rest of the tribe home to camp. And, I mean, I understand why Shii Ann is excited, but first of all, she's most likely delayed her fate by only a week, and if by any chance she would ever make the final two, she has just guaranteed that not one of those people would ever vote for her. She's just really not as good a player as her current position would suggest. She won that particular challenge with her balancing or whatever, but she's a rotten strategist. She has no idea how to play this game at all, and it's just jaw-droppingly baffling how impressed with herself she is. Her conviction that she's achieved something by being a jerk to people just because they're in the process of beating her fair and square is just...something I do not get.

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