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From the back seat of their car, Sandy reports to Jeremy, "Uh, we're going the wrong direction." They've just gone under a sign pointing them to "Kobenhavn," which Sandy says is wrong. "We want to be going north?" Jeremy asks. "Yeah," Sandy confirms calmly. Jeremy says conversationally, "If you would have told me that I would have known that. I could have..." He trails off. Sandy doesn't really have a response to that, because usually her response is just to tell him to quit yelling at her and he's not yelling, so she just sits back there with a blank expression on her face. Okay, now I want to yell at her.

Marcus tells us, "The race is against Sandy and Jeremy," and adds that if they can just beat them, "That would be a huge, game-winning, hail-Mary pass for us. Let's just throw it up and see what happens." I think a hail-Mary moment for Marcus at this point would be if he declined to use a football analogy.

"Gaining a new appreciation for butter right here," Zac says as he labors over his churn. The maids are just laughing and shaking their heads at them. Team Adventure figures they have enough to start molding, and move on to that. "I'd buy that from the store, wouldn't you?" Laurence asks Zac in regards to their first, blobby stick. Well, it depends. Is it the only butter, in the only store?

But hark, what's this? Amani and Marcus are already at the farm, and currently in fifth place! After reading the Detour clue and spotting the goat tied up in the farmyard, Marcus points to it and asks, "Is that a rabbit?" He correctly identifies it as a goat after that, so I can only assume he was kidding. They're doing All Hopped Up, and they go to start setting up their obstacles. Which they don't pull off quite as smoothly as Bill and Cathi did.

Remember that helicopter shot of the car driving across the vast Danish countryside? Here it is again, segueing to Jeremy and Sandy inside. Jeremy is muttering to himself in frustration, while Sandy sits in the back going, "What? Huh? Huh?" Jeremy says, "Nothing, we're good." Yet another example of their stellar communication.

Laurence and Zac get their clue and start running to the windmill. Amani and Marcus are picking out their rabbit, and get a little buff-colored one who seems eager to get out of his cage. "I like him, he's feisty," Marcus says. He carries it over and gives it a little pep talk before releasing it onto the course so Amani can lead it down the lane. The rabbit does well, probably in part because Marcus is at the starting line yelling and jumping up and own and pumping his fists. I'd want to get away from all that commotion too if I were a small mammal. Or not necessarily even all that small.

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