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Cut to the other teams landing in Amsterdam and hitting the ground running. Team Control and the grandparents get to a ticket counter to research other options. Cathi tells us that she and Bill are getting on a Norwegian Airlines flight that will get them into Copenhagen at 11:00 that night (and the orange subtitles corroborate this). It's a little odd to hear Cathi pronouncing the city's name correctly, as opposed to how everyone else has been pronouncing it like the name of the chewing tobacco. Ernie and Cindy will be on the same flight. But Andy & Tommy and Jeremy & Sandy are getting onto a Cimber Air flight scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen at 10:35 PM. "This could be huge," Jeremy says, even though nothing is ever huge for him and Sandy, at least not in a good way. He's hoping to not see any other teams as they check in. No danger of that with Amani and Marcus, who are just standing around. They do spot the other teams, but suspect nothing. Marcus tells us they're confident that everyone will be on the same flight. "So what's the rush? Sit back, get something to eat, take a nap, get ready to rock and roll when the plane takes off." Wow, there's that Eye of the Tiger he was talking about at the beginning of the episode. Meanwhile, the Cimber Air flight boards, and Jeremy and Sandy end up in the two seats in front of Andy and Tommy. "We're stoked, 'cause we'll be in Copenhagen tonight," Tommy says. Which may be the first time that sentence was ever uttered in English. Shortly afterward, Cindy and Ernie are on a flight with Bill and Cathi, who think they're the only ones leaving Amsterdam in the evening.

So then we're over Copenhagen at 8:30 PM, when it's still daylight at this high latitude at this point in the summer. Laurence and Zac have landed, and they soon find the fleet of Ford Foci and hop in, happy to be the first team to reach Copenhagen. They'd best enjoy it, because it's pretty much the last good thing that's going to happen to them this leg. Meanwhile, the last team to reach Copenhagen, Amani and Marcus (not a spoiler), settle down in comfortable recliners at the Amsterdam airport, confident they'll see more teams tonight and feeling good about their plans to "hang out and look at some planes for the moment." Because they want it just that badly. As he's saying this, Laurence and Zac have already found the place they're supposed to be. So that's a huge deal -- except that the church tower is closed until 7:30 tomorrow morning. Ah, well.

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