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Sandy directs Jeremy to park, and they're soon outside Rosenborg, which a) doesn't open until 10:00 AM, and b) is a restaurant. Oops. Nothing for it but to stand outside indefinitely in a state of confusion, right? The good news is that even though they went to the wrong place, at least they got there first.

Meanwhile, Team Adventure and Team Control are already arriving at Frederiksborg Slot, which somehow is in the city yet possesses sprawling grounds on the shore of a lake. People in period costumes are taking turns around the courtyard, and, yep, there's the clue lady. Laurence pulls right up next to her in his and Zac's car and greets her, "G'day, my dear, how are you? Do you have a clue for me?" Ernie pulls up at her other side, having a bit of trouble getting the car stopped. He manages it, though, which is good because I think running over the person handing out clues would probably be grounds for a severe time penalty. Laurence opens his clue like he got it a the drive-thru while Cindy gets out to retrieve hers.

Roadblock. Cut to Phil standing in an ornate ballroom, with even more people in period costumes behind him. Phil says the person doing the Roadblock will "have to perform a dance that dates back to the Renaissance." The racers will also have to put on costumes, then have an instructor teach them "a complex, three-part dance routine that will test their memory, coordination, and attention to detail." And then let them half-ass it anyway, if history is any indication. A woman in a countess costume will give them their next clue when she's satisfied. Upon reading the clue, Cindy does this gleeful jump that's so spazzy it's a good thing she's not doing the dancing. Zac is also taking this one on. "May the Force be with you," Laurence dorks.

Inside the castle, Laurence and Ernie find their way upstairs to some curtained-off changing areas to get into their outfits. Ernie, looking relatively butch in a white tunic and black breeches, says he doesn't ordinarily wear tights. Zac gets into a dark-teal number, and then it's off to makeup. Yes, they're getting powdered up as well. Meanwhile, Laurence is impressed by the castle. "This is a full job, here," he comments. On to the ballroom, where a small chamber orchestra is playing for the reenactors milling about the room. Ernie enters, his outfit now topped off with a poufy white hat that makes him look like a seventeenth-century chef, and picks out an instructor from the line. Watching from the sidelines, Cindy jumps up and down some more: "This is so cute." Laurence tells us, "This probably would have suited me a little better. I used to be a frontman in a rock and roll band, you know." Well, sure, you can tell that just by looking at him. And this is the same kind of thing, after all. Zac picks out and instructor and interviews, "I had to get tutored how to dance by a weird-looking man in tights. Not one of my prouder moments."

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