Survivor Season 1: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Striking It Rich a Second Time

We're shown the same scenes as the last episode of Kelly meditating and admitting that she regrets joining an alliance.

We go straight to Richard's scene. He's walking with a scared-looking boy in big glasses, the same kid who made news when Rich was alleged to have gotten into a fight with the boy while jogging. His audition tape shows a photo of him from West Point. Man, he looked really good and young back then. In the video, Rich looks pretty huge and shows off his family and kid. Rich is doing push-ups and the kid is yelling at him to do more push-ups because they need the money. "You got it, kid!" Rich yells back. In his interview, he says people are always surprised when they learn he's gay. In the interview, talking about adoption and corporate training, he does come across as smart and dynamic.

On the island, Rich is meditating on what'll happen at tribal council. He doesn't have a long wait. We go immediately to the last tribal council. Greg's question is shown. Then it's showtime. Susan delivers her bridge-burning speech, scorching Rich slightly before fully roasting Kelly. I transcribed it verbatim when I did this original episode recap, so I'm not going there again. But, the speech is brilliant and venomous just like I remember it. I was hoping there might be a few added bits we didn't get in the original, but how do you improve upon perfection? The whole speech is here. Sue's poisoned my Sony Digital receiver.

The final votes are shown, including the explanations from each person voting. The winner is announced. Rich hugs Kelly. The music comes back on. People clap. Just like the original show, it's still a bit of a shock Kelly didn't win, but that's the way it goes. Kelly's final words seem pretty despondent. She says that Susan is extremely immature. Kelly says that she stopped trusting Sue early on and started lying to Sue when she figured that out. She uses the word "bullshit" again and I cheer. She says everything that Sue said in her speech was exactly the way Susan acted. Kelly smiles when she says it's funny how bitter Sue was. She says her brain is fried and she'd never want to play another game like this again.

Rich's final closing words, the same one shown after the show, is shown again. His flight, his butt-ugly new car, and his cheesy voice-over. I am so exhausted right now. Seriously. Just. Wrap. It. Up.

The show is followed by the same preview for Survivor 2 we saw during the reunion special. Y'all make sure to read Joanna's recaps, okay?

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