Survivor Season 1: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Striking It Rich a Second Time

Next is the Stacey segment. She's in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. She's standing next to a sign at her law firm (Sadly, it's not called, "Dewey, Cheatum and Howe). Her audition tape shows her in front of a bunch of Christmas stockings talking about how much she'd like to be on the island. Her tape is shown for all of three seconds before we go to her interview. She's asked by a British interviewer what she'd do if she were on an island with a very chauvinistic person. Like say someone named "Rudy," just as a hypothetical. Stacey is doing a Bangles with her eyes fixed to the left until she finally answers. "That would irritate me to no end," she says, but hopes she'd be able to keep it in perspective and would expect the person to be voted off by the women.

On the island, Sue and Stacey are on a boat crossing the famous Susan Sapphic River that Kelly used to frequent. Stacey says she asked Sue who she was voting off and when Sue didn't answer, it clued her in that she was Sue's target. Whoops. "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her, which according to the group wouldn't be far," Stacey says. Richard talks about how he voted for Stacey last time and she thought it was Rudy. She criticizes Rudy for eating extra food and acting inappropriately. Rudy fires back that he doesn't like her and never will. The lightning and metaphoric bell toll for Stacey.

Tribal council. Stacey gets the boot. Hey, what about the bugs, guys? A wet Jeff Probst (ewww...) snuffs out an already wet, unlit torch. "You switched your vote," she says, to Sue, we assume. In her closing words, Stacey gloats that she didn't have to walk back to camp in the rain. "I'm really pissed off that they voted me off," she says. My goodness, she is a lawyer. She worries that she'll say something that'll make her look like a bitch. She doesn't think she was appreciated. The tape skips several times, signifying that she rambled on as if this were her own personal litigation and they had to edit her down. She bitches about Sean and Dirk wasting time, and that Rudy stole food. "I don't always have huge zits," she says, inexplicably putting her hands in front of her chest. Someone off-camera asks her to repeat that. "I said 'zits'!" she says, laughing. All...right. She laughs again, big wide mouth scaring me.

The rats episode. We see the glowing eyes of island rats in the night-vision lens. Joel and Greg are describing what they're going to do to a dead rat. Ramona and Gervase look physically ill at the idea. I remember this very well. Dead rats. A knife. Some fire A graphic visual of a rat getting its head chopped off. "Rats aren't bad. Rats are rats," Greg says, sagely. Rat meat is passed around. It sizzles over the fire in Dolby Digital Surround Sound. "Tastes like rat," says Joel. Ramona wants to know how bad it is before she tries it. "As poor as we get in the ghetto, we don't ever eat the rats," Ramona says. Ramona finally tries a piece. Gervase looks on, hungrily. She offers him a bite. They eat up. Mmmm, good rat. "We gots to kill some more rats tonight! It's on till the break of dawn like hot buttered popcorn!" he yells. Ramona just wants to eat.

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