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Bye, Bye, Trekkie

Enterprise. Mayor Tam breaks it to Quantum that the Council has decided that Enterprise needs to attack the Terryan Nation compound on Mars. They want to expose the nougaty filling. Quantum refuses to put Trip and T'Pol at risk. Mayor Tam understands and says a new captain will be assigned (where the HELL was Mayor Tam four years ago? To be fair, I've been rewatching the first season and, wow, Quantum was SUCH a dork, but at least he SMILED a fair amount. He even got tears in his eyes in "Shockwave." It's sort of telling that the only thing that brought him to tears was Trip's constant interruptions, though, and not that someone close to him, you know, DIED!) to do the shooting, adding, "No one will think less of you." Well, not any less than they already do, anyway. Quantum tells Mayor Tam that any attack on the Frickin' Laser Beam will cause a massive explosion that will kill thousands on Mars' Utopia Colony. "This wasn't an easy decision for the Council. The potential for disaster is even greater than you think -- over the next thirty months, the Terra Forming project has fourteen comets set to collide with Mars. Without the array to divert them to the polar caps, the comets could hit anywhere -- even the domed cities," Mayor Tam explains. Quantum proposes to take a small team in to infiltrate the compound. Mayor Tam reminds him that Dr. Evil RoboCreep will destroy any ship that gets near. "If he can't see us, he can't destroy us," Quantum says, standing up very importantly.

Mars. Trip and T'Pol visit their baby. "It's unharmed, just as I said," Dr. Evil RoboCreep gestures. T'Pol notes the baby's medical readings are normal. "There's nothing normal about it," Dr. Evil RoboCreep oversells. Whatever, dude, you were calling her a "she" last week. I may have been nuts, but I wasn't dead. I mean, even the previouslies showed you doing that, so I GET that you're trying to put on a whole Evil Show for these two, but I just would like you to know that I ain't buying it. "She's not an 'it'!" Trip snaps. Trip and T'Pol want to know how the baby came to be. Instead of saying that an evil stork brought her, Dr. Evil RoboCreep reveals that the medical freezers on Enterprise hold bio-samples from the entire crew: "Terryan Nation has supporters everywhere." Trip freaks a bit at this news, but Dr. Evil RoboCreep won't tell him any more. Instead, he orders Trip to refine the targeting system on his ship. Trip scoffs. Dr. Evil RoboCreep threatens by having Random Task hold a gun to T'Pol's head.

Foggy San Francisco Docks of Sex. Reed steps out of the shadowy closet. "Two meetings in the span of a week," comes Paunchy PVC's flirty voice. "People might start to talk." Damn -- it's been a long time since such large portion of steaming-hot Corned Beef Slash was served up on this show. Mmmm -- can't you just smell it? Reed wants Paunchy PVC's help on getting Enterprise to Mars undetected. Paunchy PVC wonders why Reed thinks he would have that kind of information. Reed snaps, "Because your section routinely thinks about the unthinkable and because you'd never miss a chance to put me in your debt." That's not the only thing he'd like to put you into. Paunchy PVC hands over a disk, basically telling Reed that they need to hide in the thick Mars atmosphere and hope they are scanned as a routinely false signal. He also explains that with terra forming, they don't need pressure suits in the lowlands, just oxygen and thermal suits. "According to this," Reed interrupts, not needing the foreplay, "if we keep our altitude less than ten meters above the surface, Dr. Evil RoboCreep won't see us." Paunchy PVC reminds him they need to get to the surface first. "Well, that's taken care of," Reed smirks, "without your help." Paunchy PVC crosses his arms and looks Reed up and down: "So, the student has surpassed the teacher." Do you want him to go to the head...of the class? Paunchy PVC asks Reed to come "work" for him. Oh, he'll do a job for him all right. Reed snorts that he's got enough to do on Enterprise. "And if Quantum's coalition is formed, Enterprise could be busier than ever," Paunchy PVC hypothesizes. Since when did it become Quantum's Qoalition, anyway? I thought Mayor Tam was taking all the credit and therefore explaining why Quantum and so forth aren't ACTUALLY EVER MENTIONED IN THE FUTURE. Reed assumes if that's the case, this is the last time they'll meet. "Always the optimist," Paunchy PVC snorts. Because he knows that they always come back for more. Reed squints and starts to walk away. "Good luck," Paunchy PVC calls out. Reed turns around. "Malcolm," Paunchy PVC sticks out his hand. Reed hesitates, hating messy goodbyes, but takes it anyway and smiles. They had a moment.

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