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Bye, Bye, Trekkie

Quantum talks about an eight-year-old deflected comet that is set to hit Mars the next morning. How conveeeeeenient. "You're not serious!" Mayor Tam gasps. "I have experience with comets, sir," May-Continuity says, fluffing out his chest. "Compared to penetrating Xindi defenses, this will be a walk in the park," Reed brags. Quantum promises Mayor Tam that if their plan doesn't work, Enterprise will destroy the Frickin' Laser Beam as ordered.

Mars. Dr. Evil RoboCreep visits T'Pol to throw a little racism her way. T'Pol rocks the baby and ignores most of him. In the middle of his tired tirades, Dr. Evil RoboCreep's hand twitches a bit. Hm, maybe it's an eeeevil hand. Dr. Evil RoboCreep finally tires of his Tired Tirade and turns to leave. T'Pol casually and slyly scans Dr. Evil RoboCreep. The expression on her face is great -- she's all bored by him and his Tired Tirades. T'Pol says she won't let him harm Baby Tri'Pol. "I won't have to," Dr. Evil RoboCreep sighs. T'Pol wonders what that means. Dr. Evil RoboCreep just looks at her, closes his mouth, and leaves. You know, I feel rather sorry for him; after all, his father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. T'Pol reads her scanner and pops her eyes. Given what she just learned, I'm rather surprised they let her hold onto that.

Enterprise approaches the Convenient Comet of Contrivance. Kelpy does all sorts of stuff in Engineering to get them ready to hitch their Magic Comet Ride.

May-Adieu visits Brenda Starrship in the Brig, where she whiningly tries to convince him that she's actually a member of Starfleet Intelligence rather than a spy for Terryan Nation. Well, given that the fucking UPN pre-vert at the last commercial break JUST SHOWED US WHO THE REAL SPY IS, I'm rather inclined to believe her. May-Adieu is harder to convince. "If you were an SI agent you'd be outta this Brig with one call to your division head," May-Adieu spits. "And everyone on Enterprise would know who I am, including the real Terryan Nation operative," Brenda Starrship argues. Riiiight, you don't want to blow your cover, so you...blow your cover. You may just be a worse spy than Reed. Brenda Starrship says she's telling May-Adieu all this because the real spy on Terryan Nation has probably told Dr. Evil RoboCreep about their infiltration plan. May-Adieu scoffs about her being worried about him and announces that Brenda Starrship's not going to manipulate him again. "Good. Bye," he stiffs, and walks out. Oh. Oh, Anthony. I think I can sort of see why you didn't get many lines these last four years.

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