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Bye, Bye, Trekkie

Sh'bay. Phlox examines the Away Team's equipment and experimentally sniffs at an oxygen mask. Heh. Quantum gives final orders to Hoshi (who he's leaving in charge because no one else is actually senior enough to take command...?), saying, "Keep the sensors locked on the Frickin' Laser Beam -- the moment it powers up --" "I won't hesitate, sir," Hoshi promises. Liar. Oh, sorry -- was that a spoiler? Quantum straightens up in his REI thermal gear and remembers when Hoshi used to jump every time the engines hiccupped. "I still do, I'm just better at hiding it," Hoshi smiles. Reed calls out that it's time to go. "Don't get too used to that chair," Quantum warns, "I'm gonna want it back." "Understood," Hoshi says tremulously. They had a moment.

Mars. Trip fiddles with stuff. He talks out loud to Random Task about how he used to dislike and be really mean to Vulcans himself. But then he bedded one and I guess he thinks they're okay now. Sort of. In a way. Maybe. Random Task really doesn't care to change his mind about Vulcans, especially since the pointy-eared beings hung around in outer space while humans killed millions of each other in WWIII. I don't think I mentioned before that Random Task is black, so there's all this meaning behind his racism and the things he says about Vulcans. Feh. Trip gets his back up when Random Task calls Baby Tri'Pol a "half-human thing." All seven feet of muscled Random Task snorts, "Go ahead." Trip appears to put his back down but then socks Random Task one in the jaw. As Random Task takes way too long to recover from that Southern mosquito bite, Trip quickly fiddles with a panel and stands up again. Random Task kicks Trip in the chest, sending him sliding across the floor. He then boots Trip one in the kidneys and calls him a traitor to humanity. Trip seems to grin through the pain. They had a moment.

Outer space. A sh'pod drops out of Enterprise and gets behind the Contrived Comet of Convenience. May-Sayonara reports that their hull plating is holding steady. The sh'pod jerks around. A sweaty Reed asks what's wrong with the inertial dampeners. "We need to maintain an erratic flight profile so we look like the chunk of a planet," May-Sayonara patiently explains. Reed suffers in the back. May-Sayonara announces that he's taking them closer to the nucleus: "It's going to start getting a little rough." "'Start'?" Reed moans. Phlox asks Reed, "Would you like me to give you something?" "I've already had the maximum dosage," Reed sweats. Phlox hands over an airsickness bag. Reed shudders and pushes it away. Seriously, when I'm on the plane just looking at one of those things gives me the gags.

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