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Bye, Bye, Trekkie

Quantum and the Away Team creep closer to the compound.

Enterprise. Mayor Tam steps onto the Bridge to tell a pissed-looking Hoshi that Dr. Evil RoboCreep's time is up and they have to destroy the Frickin' Laser Beam. Hoshi shakes her head and says the Frickin' Laser Beam will take two minutes to warm up. Mayor Tam isn't prepared to take that chance, and he and Hoshi argue over whose orders she has to follow. Mayor Tam threatens to have her relieved of duty. "Actually, I can only be relieved by a higher-ranking officer in my chain of command," Hoshi reminds him. Mayor Tam wants to call Admiral Gardiner. "Belay that order!" Hoshi shouts, and you know she's been waiting four years to say that. "I won't risk exposing our position by breaking radio silence." More arguing. Hoshi stands firm.

Mars. In the compound, the Away Team blasts open a corridor door with a minor explosion. Reed takes scans and whispers, "There's another guard approaching." The Team huddles back into the corridor, ready to spring at...Trip. Trip bitches that it took them long enough, and tells them where T'Pol is. There's a quick and needless reminder that if the Frickin' Laser Beam is powered up, Enterprise will destroy the compound. Thanks, can we move on now?

Evil Control Center. Minion says, "I have spoken to our operatives -- there's no indication that the Vulcans have withdrawn from their consulates in Can-BER-ra or Berlin." "Oh, my god -- it's CAN-berra, you racist loser!" Belchimaera shrieks, nearly throwing a glass of Framboise at the screen. Luckily, Gytha grabbed the glass and drained it. She can't stand waste. Dr. Evil RoboCreep isn't surprised that the Vulcans are still on Earth and orders the Frickin' Laser Beam powered up.

Enterprise. The crew notes that the Frickin' Laser Beam is preheating. Mayor Tam nags at Hoshi. Hoshi orders the ship taken in closer and the weapons powered up.

Evil Control Center. They begin the firing sequence.

Enterprise. The ship locks on target. Hoshi pauses. "Give the order!" Mayor Tam shouts. Hoshi bites her lip.

Evil Control Center. With the help of Google Maps, the Frickin' Laser Beam locks on Starfleet HQ and a disembodied voice intones, "Two minutes." Just then, the Evil Control Center's doors slide open and a minion enters, pursued by weapons fire. Quantum and Qrew arrive with guns and order Dr. Evil RoboCreep to step away from the controls. And the duck, if there is one. Dr. RoboCreep snarks something about Quantum and Xindi and how the furrow are fallen. Quantum comms Enterprise and Hoshi sobs back, "Go ahead, Captain!" He tells her they're inside the control room.

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