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Let's Make A Deal

Taxicab confession. Hatch says working with Trump was amazing, but he thinks he made the wrong decision tonight. He feels if he'd been able to explain himself, he would have given Trump reasons to keep him. "But oh well. Life happens." When did Hatch get such a good attitude, anyway? Prison?

Next week: The men are FREAKIN' PIRATES. And they all want Busey fired. Meanwhile, Nene and La Toya go toe to toe. And Pinky pokes her head out of Star's bag once in awhile to take it all in.

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see who from this season was on our dream cast list!

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks a reality show without Hatch is less fun than one with him, but this show can't live without Busey. You can contact her at

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