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Let's Make A Deal

ASAP. Marlee's telling her team the fighting is over, and they need to pull together and bring in money. She asks La Toya to do something in relation to her family. La Toya says she can't get money here from L.A. in such short time, but she will do a painting that says, "I love you, Michael. I miss you," which Star says is a big deal. Marlee interviews that she's testing La Toya on this task, and she has to step up and prove herself this time. Poor La Toya.

Jose goes to the boardroom to tell Trump that his father, who has been sick, has taken a turn for the worse and he's going to leave now. His charity is B.A.T., Baseball Assistance Team. Trump's going to give the charity $25,000. It's probably terrible of me, but I suspect he's embellishing to get out of this task where John Rich is going to require him to bring in donations. Trump tells Jose we'll miss him, but we really won't. Jose gives a farewell interview, saying it was great to make so many friends, but the best part was Trump giving his charity $25,000.

Backbone van. The guys feel terrible that Jose's father is battling cancer (so, okay, yes, I'm a terrible person). John Rich wants to make a piece of art with Jose's father's name. Richard Hatch interviews that Jose didn't raise any money in the first challenge, and the jaded reality TV person has to wonder if Jose would stoop to that level? Thank you, Hatch, for saying what we were all thinking. They show up at Michael's to get their art supplies. ASAP is also there, buying glitter and hollering at each other. Lil Jon wants bright colors. Rich wants glue, but asks us not to sniff it. Editors quickly cut to Busey. Then Rich tells us that "Gary Busey is kind of like a one-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond." Long pause. "Just spinning." Except that sounds like something Busey would say. Busey asks Meat Loaf if he's getting canvases for everyone, and it pisses Meat Loaf off. He warns us that his switch is "this close" with Busey, and it's not pretty when he's pissed off. Then he invites Mark to the sporting-goods store with him and tells him about Busey. Mark tells him he's gotta hold that in.

ASAP van. Marlee's telling everyone that John Rich is the king of Nashville, so she's feeling a ton of pressure. La Toya tells the ladies that she has a shirt of her brother's that she carries with her everywhere. It has pictures of him on the front, his signature on the back, and there were only two of them made. She gives it to Marlee to raise money, and then interviews that Michael would have wanted this because charities meant so much to him. It gives Marlee goose bumps that La Toya would give up that shirt.

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