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Let's Make A Deal

Backbone's art workspace. Meat Loaf can't find his paint or markers, and asks Busey if he took his paint. Everyone claims the bags around the room, and then Meat Loaf totally goes off the deep end screaming at Busey that he doesn't want to fuck with him. He gets all bulled up and yells that he's the last person in the world that Busey ever wants to fuck with. "Do you understand me?!" Uh, it would be pretty hard not to -- even for Gary. Hey, he warned us it isn't pretty when he gets mad. Mark jumps in the middle of them, Lil Jon pulls Meat Loaf back, and John Rich asks him not to do this and then leads Busey away. Meat Loaf says Busey will be in the hospital in about four minutes. Busey swears all that stuff is his as Rich asks him not to engage and leads him out. Mark asks Meat Loaf what's his problem and then tells us he literally had to stop Meat Loaf from ripping Busey's head off. Out in the hall, Busey says he has no idea what's going on, because all of that stuff was in his basket. Rich asks Busey to just stand outside so they don't go at each other. He tells him he'll come and get him. So he goes in, and Busey follows him right back in. Meat Loaf's taken half the shit off Busey's table when they find Meat Loaf's bag in the corner. But instead of apologizing, he screams at Busey, "Take your fucking spray paint" as he throws it at him. Busey, to his credit, totally calmly says thanks, I will take it. Then Rich says this language is embarrassing to him, given that his charity is for a bunch of sick kids. Meat Loaf apologizes and says he's done doing that. Busey tries to ask Meat Loaf if they're okay, but they're not. Mark tells Meat Loaf to use that energy for the art. Which he does by covering a basketball in paint and dropping it on a piece of paper. Wow. Creative.

ASAP. La Toya's making a New Era cap that has a sparkly Michael Jackson glove on it. Star, meanwhile, is working on their printed materials, but can't get the printer to work. Nene would like her to shut the hell up. All the ladies have to put their painty handprint on a piece of paper, and Star doesn't want to get dirty. She does it, then asks how the hell she gets the paint off her hand. Nene: "You just go over to the sink, girl, and get some water." Then cut to Nene interviewing: "Now, how you think you get it off your hand? You think Pinky gonna lick it off? Or me?" Star says she doesn't need to be patronized, and Nene says, "I'm not patronizing your ass." She's ready to throw Star on the printer. Then Nene works on her art, which is a snake.

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