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Let's Make A Deal

Backbone. Rich says the Meat Loaf and Busey fight actually cleared some tension from the room, and now everyone is working hard. Meat Loaf's crazy painting actually looks kind of cool and Jackson Pollocky (or third-gradery). Mark would love to have a psychiatrist examine it. Busey, meanwhile is "painting an American bison standing in the green grass of the prairies of North and South Dakota, where the Sioux Indians live." Why does even that sound crazy coming from him? He says his grandmother was a half-blood Cherokee, so it's a family painting. He's related to a bison, I guess. It looks very much like a child did it. Lil Jon's making some bottles and a painting that says "VICIOUS." He feels like they're in kindergarten. Rich is making some painted cowboy boots. Hatch has made a hat with roses and purple dots on it, as he interviews that he's going to try to bring in some money even though Rich won't need it. Lil Jon tells us that Hatch's hat had roses on it, and "I was like, 'Damn, Richard, that's a really gay-ass hat. But... that's you.' " I never thought I'd enjoy Lil Jon this much, but he's awesome (and, somehow, the most normal guy on this team). The guys are done and load their stuff up to head across town. They're sure they're going to win this thing.

ASAP. Marlee (who's apparently being paid by P90X to wear a T-shirt with their logo) is worried they're going too slow with the art and the fundraising. And it's all on her, as project manager. Nene says she's called some people, but she's not going to pretend she can bring in much money. Don stops by and talks to them about art and fundraising. He asks if they think they have an advantage with fundraising, but they don't because this time it's John Rich leading the fundraiser, not Richard Hatch. While Don's there, though, Marlee gets a call from one family who's donating $133,000. Don says he can tell they're very discouraged, and he hopes it doesn't bring them down. He tells them to cheer up, because he's seen the tide change, but only if they do something about it.

Backbone's arriving at their gallery, and figuring out where they want to hang their stuff. They're figuring out who's hanging their stuff where. Mark says "We're artists right now, putting on a show." They have a crew there to help them hang their stuff. George shows up then, and Rich is worried because George is a ball-breaker; "he doesn't play." George thinks their work is great, and thinks they expressed their individual talents in their work. He doesn't know if their art will sell, though. He says they have the right spirit, but shouldn't be overconfident, because you never know if you're going to be able to sell. A jet shows up, and a giant guy and a little person get off. These are apparently John Rich's people. He tells us the hillbillies have landed and they're probably going to come over and give, give, give.

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