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Let's Make A Deal

The women are still in their studio with three and a half hours until their gallery opens. Then they're stuck in traffic at 5 (duh), which is three hours before the gallery opens. La Toya wonders how they'll ever make it, on a Friday. It's 6 p.m. at Backbone, and they're all set up and ready to go, waiting. Lil Jon's even reading a magazine. So they decide to go see the girls' work. Mark and Lil Jon head over to peek in and report back. They can't believe that it's totally empty, so they do some video. Lil Jon acts out some MTV Cribs, and says they open in two hours. It's pretty amusing. They leave there at 6:30, with an hour and a half until the gallery opens. Mark says there's no way they can be open by 8. They figure the ladies must be stuck in traffic, and they're glad they're sitting around here instead of stuck in traffic. Rich actually feels bad for Marlee, because he doesn't like anyone having this much difficulty when they're trying to raise money for a good cause. The women, meanwhile, are stuck in gridlock Friday rush-hour traffic.

Meat Loaf tells Busey he did the wrong thing by yelling at him, and he's embarrassed and upset by it. He starts crying and says nothing ever gets solved by doing that. Busey: "I know. I'm aware of that." Meat Loaf says he's been beating himself up all day. Busey tells him he accepts his apology, then he interviews to us that Meat Loaf had a battle going on inside of him, and the best way he could see to win it "was to confront me in a confrontation of death, beating me senseless." He asks Meat Loaf if it felt good to vent. They bond over the fact that they've both been to anger management. Busey tells him to let it go, because he forgives him. And then he tells him the Buseyism for F-O-R-G-I-V-E is "Finding Ourselves Really Giving Individuals Valuable Energy." And he says valuable energy is his unconditional love for Meat Loaf, who thanks him. Then Busey interviews that "Meat Loaf excelled to the level of dancing on a rainbow with no fear. And no doubt." They're hugging, and Busey tells him he's glad he was on the receiving end because he understood. He really is a decent guy for forgiving Meat Loaf, because I'm not sure anyone else would have.

ASAP shows up at the gallery, but their paintings aren't there yet. Thankfully, the catering has arrived, so Star's happy about that. Marlee has Jack call the art truck, but that guy says he doesn't know when he'll be there. And this is 15 minutes before the gallery opens. She doesn't know what they'll do, since they can't accept money without art. With five minutes to open, the art's still not there. Marlee says the guy tells her ten minutes every time they talk, and it finally arrives with five minutes to go. They all run out in their heels and unload the trucks. They mostly set their art around on the floor, and put some on easels, but trying to hang some of the paintings.

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