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Let's Make A Deal

Back at Backbone, the guys are counting down to 8 p.m. with a line waiting outside to get in. They open up and let folks in. Trace Adkins sends $5,000 with a pretty blond lady (he's overseas playing for the troops). The Maloofs buy some art from Lil Jon for $10,000. Mark McGrath sells a piece of his art for $10,000. Someone else gives Rich $5,000. Hatch says it's hard for him to raise money because he's not in an industry where he knows people who are wealthy. But he's trying. Busey sells a painting for $5,000.

ASAP. The ladies realize they have to open even though they're not ready. There are people waiting to get in, and they open a little late. Marlee says she was wondering where everyone was, because only a few people were waiting. Marlee says she's disappointed, and doesn't want to let her charity down. Back at Backbone, folks are still pouring in, including the midget, whose name is Two-Foot Fred. Someone buys a painted cowboy hat from Rich for $50,000. Mark says things are starting to get real right now. Someone else donates $50,000 for his painted boots. Busey's bison painting sells for $5,000. Hatch is realizing how difficult it will be for him to sell his art, so he lowers the ticket prices on his paintings.

ASAP. Finally, people start showing up, including Jill from Real Housewives of New York City, who's there for Nene. Then Marlee's Dancing With the Stars friends show up, including Jason Taylor of the New York Jets. Marlee's feeling better about the art show. She gets several bids for $25,000. Star explains that big-money bids can come in over the phone, fax or email, but they have to process them in-house. Nene says Star's going to try to say she didn't raise any money, but all Star's done is sit on the computer. Nene says she's got her eye on Star.

Don shows up at Backbone as Lil Jon sells a painting for $5,000. Rich sings the "Money, money, money" theme song. Meat Loaf sells a painting for $5,000. Hatch finally sells a painting for $1,000. He says he worked hard, so he feels like he contributed. A woman brings a St. Jude kid named Colin in. He's fighting cancer, and Rich says it helps give meaning to what they're doing here. Lil Jon says it put it all in perspective. The guys gather around for a picture with Colin.

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