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Let's Make A Deal

ASAP. Federico Castelluccio (Furio on The Sopranos) shows up. He says Trump asked him to come down as an art expert, because he's actually a painter. He has to choose which New Era hat is the best. He tells Marlee they're all wonderful, and he sees a lot of effort went into these. He knows he has to think these through, since a lot of money is riding on this decision. He looks at the Backbone hats, and Mark says he felt bad that a real artist showed up, since their hats aren't that great. At ASAP, Star says she's processed $150,000 so far and she thinks there's a ridiculous donation coming in right now. Marlee yells that they got $99,000 from one person. She interviews that her donors exceeded her expectations (and $99,000 was the credit card limit, or it would have been more). Star tells her there's actually $99,000 from three different people. La Toya's T-shirt sold for $99,000. Star says with all these $99,000 donations coming in, they better be doing something special on the other side of the street.

Backbone's doing pretty well, too, though. Don't count them out just yet. Two-Foot Fred and someone else buys John Rich's rhinestone-decorated guitar, signed by the whole cast, for $470,000. The Jo(h)ns hug, all, "My brother!" It's adorable. Rich feels great about what he's done, whether they win or lose. He yells that they're sold out of art, and thanks everyone.

Boardroom time. Trump asks Rich how his team did, and Rich says he believes they won. He says everyone dug deep into their Rolodex. Trump asks who the best artist was, and Rich says it's a tie between Meat Loaf and Lil Jon. Lil Jon thanks Trump for this task, because he loved it and is going to continue doing art. Trump says he'd like twenty percent of everything, and Don's all, "Only twenty?" WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY RICH FATHER?! Trump asks about Busey's art, and Rich says the cool part is the story behind Busey's art. He says it was helpful when selling the art. Trump asks Meat Loaf about him and Busey going at it. Busey says he did not, and Meat Loaf says that whatever he thought Busey did, he should not have handled it the way he did. Trump asks Busey what happened, and he says that Meat Loaf accused him of stealing his paint. He didn't steal it, though, and Meat Loaf says he found it ultimately. Trump asks what Rich did, as project manager. He says that he finally interjected and reminded them that they were playing for charity. Busey says he was surprised, and he didn't offer anything in return. Trump asks Mark about it, and Mark says that Busey can be a lot to take. Trump asks how Rich handled it, and Mark says Rich is one of the most amazing people he's ever met in his life. Meat Loaf agrees he handled it well.

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