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Let's Make A Deal

Trump turns to Marlee, who says she's thrilled. She says it was a team effort, but she's happy with herself. Star says she was impressed with Marlee, and she's never seen anyone so passionate about something. Trump says that's a big statement from Star. Trump asks La Toya how well their team worked together, and La Toya says she thought they did very well, and that Marlee was the star. She points out how late their stuff showed up, and they all get in a discussion about traffic. Trump asks La Toya who did the best hat, and she says they all did great. He asks Rich, who says Lil Jon did the best one artistically. Trump says that Federico chose La Toya's hat, so her charity, AIDS Project Los Angeles, will get $20,000. Trump asks about the T-shirt tribute to "my friend, Michael." Trump thinks it's fantastic that she gave that to Marlee, who says that it was amazing that she would contribute that, since she knew how much it meant to her. Trump says the men are starting to get scared.

Trump tells them now that there has never been money raised in a whole season like both teams raised this time. He says $99,000 sounds like a lot of money, but John Rich isn't shivering. Rich: "No, sir." Trump asks Marlee why her charity is so important to her. She says the Starkey Hearing Foundation gives out 100,000 hearing aids for free every year, in Third World countries. John Rich says he's playing for St. Jude, which is country music's charity so he's been going there and playing for years. Now that he has his own son, he says, it means even more to him that they won't turn any children away and that they do research on rare forms of cancer. Trump says they're both great charities, and it's sad that one team is going to lose even though everybody did a fantastic job, except maybe Meat Loaf's anger. He says he's prepared to make a deal: If they both agree to it, the losing team will keep the money for his or her charity. Rich says absolutely, and Marlee agrees, too. Trump's surprised they're both agreeing, because he doesn't think they should be certain they win. But they both don't care, and think it's good for both charities to get money.

Trump says it's time to tell them who won. George says the men's team alone raised more money than any task in the show's history. They raised $626,908. George thinks it's spectacular, and Marlee says "Wow." Trump says he hears Rich did most of it, and all the men agree. Don says the women raised $986,000, for an all-time record on the show. Trump says Marlee did a wonderful job. She and her interpreter, Jack, are both crying. She yells at him to stop it. They raised $1,640,000 between the two teams. He says he's a little disappointed Marlee didn't raise $1 million, so he's throwing in $14,000 to make it $1 million.

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