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The Blind Auditions, Part 4

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Carson goes to Santa Monica pier to hand out an invite to Naia Kete, who is a street musician and performs with her little brother and her boyfriend. She and her dreadlocked family show up at the audition, and Carson's very impressed that she makes her living performing on the street. She hops up on stage with her guitar and does "The Lazy Song," and Blake almost instantly turns his chair around. Cee Lo spins around the end and Blake is very dismayed. Cee Lo's sales pitch: "I pushed my button for you." Subtle, Cee Lo. Like a ton of bricks. That said, Naia says he pushes all her buttons. Match made in heaven, these two weirdos. Blake realizes that he's screwed. He still tells her that he's giddy and excited on the inside, and he fell for her instantly. Cee Lo likes the innocent calming of her voice, and wants to help nurture it. I'm sure he wants to nurture something, but it may not be her voice. Blake says she's the opposite for the boring thing that Cee Lo is describing, and adds that he'd respect her ideas and opinions. She was going to pick Cee Lo coming in to the show, but goes with her gut and picks Blake. Adam teases Blake, because Naia said that she really didn't like Blake's music, but went with him anyway.

Charlotte Sometimes. Really? I'm pretty sure this show is just fucking with me with these names now. She had a major illness and had to have surgery and her jaw wired shut for several months. That sucks. She took to songwriting and humming, but now she's regaining her ability and is on to this show.

But before we get to see her sing, we have to sit through Erick Macek, who is doing this for his parents who came here from Czechoslovakia. He wants to buy his mom a house. He croons "Free Fallin'," with a bit of a country twang to it. Blake looks like he's going to turn, but doesn't. Nor does anyone else. Blake says that he liked him, but was worried that he didn't have the high energy vocal to cope with the forthcoming battle rounds.

And now we're back to Ms. Sometimes. She's doing "Apologize." She's got a very deep singer/songwriter voice, that kind that is so popular right now. So it's not a surprise that all four judges turn around. Christina likes her voice, Blake says she reminds him of Xenia from last season, Cee Lo hands out a general compliment, Adam babbles like an excited little puppy. Christina interrupts them, and Cee Lo would like the two of them to get a room, so much so that he even offers up his place. What the hell does his place look like? All pleather and rhinestones with about 1,000 cats all over? Blake's Xenia comment must have wowed her, particularly with the info that Xenia has a record deal, and she goes with him.

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