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The Blind Auditions, Part 4

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Dylan Chambers, who is all of 19, has been preparing this for his entire life, according to Carson. But Carson, this show has only been on for two seasons. I think you are confused. Dylan's dad was not around, and he was a quiet loner who liked to sing. He talks to himself backstage to encourage himself. He does "Valerie," which is a pretty unexpected choice for a young guy. He's fine, but none of the judges pick him. They say he's almost there, but not quite, since the bar is so high. It's probably not too late to audition for The Glee Project, though you'll have to fight one Ms. Santana Lopez to sing that song.

And then we're "treated" to a montage of people who weren't good enough, before we get to Justin Hopkins. He used to play guitar in Carson Daly's house band. That's a job? I suppose? He kind of looks like a younger version Gretchen's boyfriend Slade from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Why do I even know who that person is? Anyway, Justin sings "Babylon." Carson is personally invested in this outcome, and Cee Lo pushes his button at the last minute. Cee Lo wants to help him grow and make him be more polished. Adam like's Cee Lo's voice and would like to join his team. Wonder if he'd win?

Nicolle Galyon is a pianist/country singer. She is super afraid of singing in public and tells us that in Nashville they all think she should play guitar instead of piano. She has a quite enthusiastic younger brother who is pumped to watch his big sister sing. She does a song called "You Save Me," and she's shaky, but when Adam picks her, she gets a little more confident. Her little brother is crying backstage with excitement. Adam's thrilled that no one else wanted to fight for her, and says that he could hear her nerves, but also her great voice. Blake says that Adam has that effect on people ... including him. Oh, the sexual banter between these guys. It could be annoying, but so far it's kind of charming. Anything's better than watching Steven Tyler hit on young girls.

More montage time, meaning that these people must not have sob stories. Ashley De La Rosa, does "Shark in the Water" and lands a spot on Xtina's team. Jordan Rager does "Chicken Fried" and gets Blake to spin his chair. Karla Davis does "If I Die Young" and gets Adam's attention. ALyX does "It Feels Like a Pill" and also lands on Blake's team. I'm bad at math, but it seems like we're pretty close to having complete teams, without having to bring back people who didn't make it through the first time. That's a blessing. I hated that last season, and will be glad if they were able to cast a wider net this season of Carson Daly's friends, so there are more options and mediocre people go home.

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