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The Finale

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The Finale

Mary says one of the most memorable moments was seeing Cedric for the first time. "To think that he never had any formal training, really took my breath away." Favourite routine: Shane Sparks' Transformer routine with Lauren and Pasha. I hate agreeing with Mary, but amen. So…they're dancing it again. I guess tonight's going to be a So You Think You Can Dance greatest hits night. The routine's even cooler than I remembered it. Is this some kind of extended remix? I don't remember it being this long.

With Lauren and Pasha still onstage, Cat reminds us that they were eliminated during the ridiculous "lockdown," so they didn't get the sendoff they deserved, and orders everyone into a standing ovation.

Another clip package? Let me know when you get to the "no padding" part of the show, Cat. This package highlights all the different styles of dance that cropped up during the auditions, including African fusion, Highland dancing, and some schlubby guy flopping facedown on the stage and calling it "contemporary krumping."

Brandon Norris, the clogger, has been brought back to clog his way through "The Way I Are." I can honestly say that this is the best clogging I have ever seen. The crowd goes wild. Afterwards, Cat chirps, "I've actually sniffed his shoes, and they actually don't smell at all!" I can't think of many people who could start a statement with "I've actually sniffed his shoes" and not come off creepy. Imagine Nigel saying the same thing, and you'll see what I mean.

This is the part where I ignore the commercial masquerading as content for Fox's new show, and the part where Cat lobs puffball questions at Nigel about this new show.

Cat asks Nigel what the best performance of the season was for him (he's the only one who answers this question live, instead of during a taped segment). He brings up Wade's piece with Hok and Jaimie, the hummingbird and flower. Well, it's lucky that he answered that, because Hok and Jaimie are on the stage right now to perform it again. I've missed these two dancers. Hok was perhaps my favourite dancer in the competition, and Jaimie, while a little bit too constantly perky, was still a damn good dancer.

Cat asks what the two of them have been up to since they were on the show, and they talk about all the people who saw them on the show (they're hilariously out of breath, so maybe they haven't been dancing a whole lot), and want to talk about it, especially the hummingbird routine.

Jean-Marc Genereux wants to see Shane Sparks's slow hip-hop with Sabra and Dominic. Here's another one from an episode I missed. Right about here, I'm figuring out that when the dust settles on the choreographers picking their favourite routines, in an unbelievable stroke of fortune, every one of the top twenty dancers will have danced again.

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