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The Finale

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The Finale

Tony Meredith says he loved Mia Michael's group number where the dancers were in black. He wants to see Wade Robson's Chaplin routine. Awesome! I love that routine. We welcome Jesus back to the stage, plus Sara's really getting a workout. Cat says it must be great to be given a character like that to work with. Jesus calls it amazing, and says Wade explained it as a couple of people who live on the street but come alive at night.

Mia raves about Sabra and Neil's paso doble, especially the end, when she slid down Neil's body, wrapped in a ring around him. But she picks Mandy Moore's power-lunch dance, performed by Sabra and Neil -- which I'm guessing means one of these will be eliminated. Sure enough, after they're done, Cat calls Danny back up on stage. "I've been handed another card, which means it's time to eliminate one more dancer from the competition." The envelope, she is opened, and the next dancer gone is Neil. He nods, but doesn't seem super-upset. Nigel says he's delighted for Neil, especially given that he was an underdog to make it to the final four. After the video montage, Cat asks what his favourite memory will be, and Neil says the opportunity to work with the choreographers and perform for so many people. Then, at Cat's request, he does his Wookiee impression, which -- maybe that's what put him into the final four. It certainly seems to be working some magic on Cat, who's practically vibrating.

Coming back from commercial, we're right into, with no introduction (getting pressed for time as we near the end?), the Mia Michael group routine that Tony Meredith just mentioned. It's okay -- I'm not quite as enamoured of this routine as Tony was. It features potential champ Danny pretty heavily, though.

Afterwards, hosting duties are being handled by Mary, since Cat's backstage getting ready for her dance with Nigel that everyone is dreading looking forward to. "Our very own hot tamales, Cat and Nigel!" To absolutely no one's surprise, it's a video of some sort of Spanish dancing, with big Cat and Nigel heads pasted on. It really shouldn't have gone on so long, and by "so long," I really mean "at all."

Because that wasn't enough of a time-waster, we have to have Ryan Cabrera, he of the "I Will Remember You" song that's played over video montages for eliminated contestants, playing the song live. Unfortunately, before I knew who this was, my initial reaction was, "Jesus, Jack White has really let himself go."

Dan Karaty's onscreen, talking about what a diverse season this was. He reminisces about Jamaal, especially when they made him do swing. But the piece he wants to see again is -- should have guessed we wouldn't make it through without seeing it again -- Mia Michael's tribute to her father. My only hope is that since Neil and Lacey have already been eliminated, maybe they're already half shitfaced backstage and really muck it up. Cat calls it "very special, the second time." Thankfully, since the judges aren't commenting on the routines tonight, we don't need to revisit how "beautiful" and "touching" the piece is, and we go to commercial, after which either Sabra or Danny will be named "America's Favourite Dancer (Not Counting Brian Gaynor)."

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