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How about a really deep confessional to put waaaay too fine a point on it? Here's one now: "Tyra mail was talking about a photo shoot that has something to do with people's fears and phobias," Catie shares. "But my big fear is complete waste of emotions and time." And how best to confront the fear of wasting emotions and time than by experiencing those fears head-on. What would be the best way to experience a total waste of time and emotion? Someone -- and this is just a thought, here -- someone ought to make her a model.

We're at a burnt-out loft so far west of 12th Avenue it's fully in New Jersey. The building is (well, was) several floors high, but the middle floors have been replaced by enormous holes from which you can see from the top all the way down. The TV Guide blurb told me it was a drop of 100 feet, so that's how much it is, then. Now Catie's new fear is "falling to [her] death." Her death of emotions from wasting time, you mean? Jay explains that the point of today's shoot (well, I'm not sure there's ever really a point, per se, but go with me here, if you will) is "an action fashion editorial." But there's one twist: "We are going to suspend you from this ledge and shoot you guys hanging over this hole."

And so they do. The makeup is really bright and weird with lots of feathers on the eyes. Catie starts to cry on the phone to her father that she's scared of heights. April goes fearlessly into the thing and does a quick, kick-ass job. Shandi comes across really well and impresses the photographer in his confessional. Sara takes a while to focus and doesn't concentrate well. Yoanna was a little "scattered," Jay tells us. Heather's shoot is nothing special, and Jay keeps calling for her to close her mouth. Other than that, the photographer does yell out an encouraging number of "great"s and "cool"s" Jenascia? Well, she's too short for this, even when suspended in space. Camille "seemed to get worse the longer she was out there." Mercedes is looking good.

But what this really is is about Catie, who diva-ishly sits in a corner until Jay starts begging her to do one shot, cajoling, "We're running out of light." And he totally knows just what to say to her, because he must deal with this behavior all the time, but in those cases he's dealing with people who are already working models. This time, he can say whatever he wants to them and make them feel better, but it's ultimately going to mean that they're not taking this thing home with them. Anyway, Xiomara steps in and asks if she'd rather go she first. As Xiomara goes in, she tells us that she had "no attention," and we cut back to Jay babysitting Catie during Xiomara's entire shoot. And then Catie goes in, weeping all the way, her legs dangling. She pulls herself together in time for Jay to get a few quick photos in, and he pulls her up to the raucous applause of everyone around her. I still think this should be her doom. Heather elbows her way into this segment for no discernible reason, having learned, "We just have to be there for each other. I've very proud of myself. And I'm even more proud of Catie." Uh-uh. Cramming that shot in there just to make sure we knew who she was when she got booted is getting this episode docked a half-grade. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is in the cutthroat world of high-fashion recapping.

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