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Bald Fuggle

Leslie is next. She has a really cute bald head, and Jay says that her posing is elegant and graceful. He just sat back and watched the magic happen.

Kari was next and instantly went into "safe" poses. It also appears that her ponytail is hanging out of her bald cap.

Then, ugly Furonda. Jay says that he saw her practice in the mirror, which is a sign of a good, attentive model. However, in front of the camera, she was awkward and "didn't know her angles." In an interview, she calls herself the frontrunner. Jay notes that she didn't nail it.

Mollie Sue is next and looks pretty, though she says she could have done better.

Sara, who reiterates that she had no modeling experience, does a great job. Jay gives her five and calls her fierce.

Danielle is next and also does a great job. Jay tells her that she looks regal, and Danielle interviews that she doesn't know what "regal" means. Did she never endeavor to join Jack and Chrissie for a drink at the Regal Beagle, I wonder?

Next, Wendy. Baldness does nothing for Wendy.

Gina looked like a deer in headlights in her every frame. Jay tells her to put a thought in her head. No can do, Mr. Mandarin. Gina is not confident, say the other girls.

Brooke needs to pose so as not to emphasize her jaw. Geometry holds its breath for the undiscovered angle that could make Brooke's jaw not appear enormous.

Joanie didn't evoke any emotion, according to Jay, which is not a good thing.

Mollie Sue notes that Nnenna has been kicking ass and looks gorgeous bald. She jokingly asks what Nnenna's allergies are so that she can send her into anaphylactic shock. Nnenna is all, "A tragic history makes a person immune to allergic reactions." Nnenna is really being positioned as a frontrunner, and I don't know if that's a red herring or not. Jay says that she is so regal and elegant that when she walks into a room, you expect her to be America's Next Top Model. Hmmm.

And finally, Jade. She, of course, thinks she's going to be awesome. Jay tells her to soften it up a little, and adds that it's difficult to work with a girl who thinks she's a model already because she thinks she's got it. He says that everyone has missed Jade, and that maybe there's a reason. Jade calls herself a star, even though she sucked.

Tyra Mail! Eliminations tomorrow. Nerves abound. Gina is nauseated and hopes she'll have the opportunity to get better. Kathy thinks she did okay, but notes that someone's gotta go. She throws a "crap" in there, as you can imagine. Commercials.

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