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Bald Fuggle

The girls return, and we learn who is in: Nnenna, Sara, Leslie, Joanie, Kari, Danielle, Jade, Mollie Sue, Brooke, Gina, and Wendy. This leaves, of course, Furonda and Kathy. My television screen cracks in twain at having to see the two of them in close-up in one frame. Furonda is arrogant and ugly. Kathy is just ugly. But Furonda is likely to cause some drama, so she's in. You can' t spell Furonda without "F U." Tyra tells her to get some humility because she's all wrong, but she has potential to grow as a model. Kathy leaves with great sadness on the part of all, except the Gods of pretty. She says that she's very disappointed and didn't want to be the first to go home. It's just not her chance to shine. But, she says, she got this far and that's big. She adds that it's not the end, and that she's going to be on the cover of something, some day. Extreme Makeover magazine, perhaps? Au revoir, Kathy!

Next week on ANTM: Makeover Day! Jade loses her cool, and the house gains a prima donna. Jade helpfully points out that the "M" in ANTM doesn't stand for "best friend." At least she's better at spelling than Gina or Danielle!

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