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Next is Danielle, who tells the judges what she told us: she is not going home. She has a Letterman-sized gap between her two front teeth. But she has a more serious family tragedy. Her mom, whom she calls her rock, has rheumatoid arthritis, which means that her joints get swollen and deformed. She quite movingly tells how she's had to shower her mother, and how her mother feels bad about it, but that Danielle will do anything for her. She seems very devoted. The whole thing is pretty sad, but she's no New Orleans Wendy. Danielle says that the whole ordeal has made her stronger. In an industry in which you need tough skin, Danielle calls herself "an alligator without the bumps." That is what distinguishes her from Yaya. Oooh, disrespeito! Anyway, I like Danielle.

The girls go out to dinner, and for some reason, you can just tell that disaster is about to strike. We get a quick clip of Dani talking about how life in her conservative Republican Baptist bubble is perfect. Yes, until you get shot in the face. Someone asks Dani, "So what kind of racism do you have?" My diagnosis would be racism of the recurrent rectal variety. Dani quite charmingly says that affirmative action is the biggest load of crap she's heard in her whole life. Someone, who I think is Danielle (but I'm not sure because they all look alike) asks if she is serious. Dani counters that skin color doesn't mean anything. Danielle says, "What about Abercrombie and Fitch?" and notes that she worked at A&F and was the only black employee there. Then Dani totally starts to ask why black people would go to Abercrombie and Fitch. She is not kidding. Danielle is understandably offended and finger-waving ensues, during which Danielle tells her to watch what she says. Rebecca, nineteen, from Palo Cedro, California, says that Dani swears she's not racist, but that the way she continuously makes racist remarks makes the others wonder about that. Dani interviews that she's not one sugarcoat things, and won't apologize for offending somebody because she is not, in fact, sorry. Back at dinner, Dani asks why, for example, she would apply for a job at FUBU. My answer would be so that karma can have its way and let a whole bunch of black people kick her ass. Rebecca tells Dani that everyone else at the table is in agreement with Danielle, and Dani snits that nobody can tell her how she feels or say that she's racist when she knows that she's not. Danielle really, really hates Dani and will possibly kill her if they are in the house together. To which I say, please let them both get in the house! Commercials.

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