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Bald Fuggle

Nicole gets her "My Life as a Cover Girl" spot, and it must be said that she is about a thousand times prettier than anyone on Season 6. Maybe the whole thing is a ruse to make the past winners look better?

When we return, the girls are hanging out in the hotel, shaking their booties. Kathy says that she comes from a small town and wanted to get out and experience more of life. She says that she has never been dancing before. Kathy is from the town of Footloose, North Carolina. I mean, Jesus. The other girls teach Kathy how to drop her butt to the floor. The floor begs the janitorial staff to rent a carpet cleaner.

Speaking of Kathy, she's next before the panel, and boy does she play up the hillbilly angle. I'm surprised she wasn't driven to auditions in a pickup truck with all of her relatives in the back, chewing on pieces of straw or tobaccy or something. Hoedown music ensues, and we see Kathy's audition video, in which she calls her own home trashy. Kathy lives at the latitudinal and longitudinal point that is exactly opposite from where the fountain of youth is. Also: my eyes!

And then, quite blessedly, Nnenna, twenty-four, from Houston, Texas, comes in to give us a respite from the ugliness. Nnenna is a chemist. When she was two, she and her family moved back to Nigeria, where she lived for twelve years. Nnenna has three sisters, and says that her father's family didn't like her mother because she was unable to produce a boy. They should hook up with Dani at some point. Her father pressured her mother to get pregnant again even though the doctor didn't recommend it, and Nnenna's mother died ten days after giving birth to her fourth and youngest sister. Her dad couldn't take care of all the children, so he put Nnenna and one of her sisters back on a plane to America to live with her aunt in Houston. Okay, Nnenna's story is totally up there with Wendy's. She says that she's always wanted to model, and that coming to America gave her hope. Tyra says that Nnenna reminds her of Iman. Nnenna interviews that her father wanted her to become a doctor, and she's not sure how he'll feel about her trying to be a model. She says that this is her only chance to get what she wants. She seems so sad and serious. I hope that she wins. I suspect that she might.

Next is Mollie Sue, twenty-five, from Tampa. Which is, coincidentally, where I am going! If Mollie Sue is any indication, it is the home of frail and boring people. Mollie was in some kind of sick-ass relationship for a long time, in which she didn't feel strong enough to take control of her own life. That's kind of nobody's fault but hers. She says that her boyfriend didn't want her to model because he thought it was shallow, but now that he's gone, there's nothing holding her back. ["Nothing but her very advanced age." -- Wing Chun]

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